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Do you guys know what the 12/26 shirt pricing will be?
Quote: Originally Posted by ctrlaltelite i wonder how he'd fare in the WAYWT? threads, he's got the idle pose and lack of smiling down pat. He looks like doctor who. Sure he's wearing crazy clothes, but none of it fits him, so is that good? I think he looks about as happy as one of those dogs their owners dresses up in a bee costume.
I have an appointment to see WW Chan fitters this thursday. I'm really only interested in shirts which some here have said have now exceeded their quality level in price. I was quoted $130 for 120s fabric per shirt, there is no minimum purchase. What advice can you guys give? I the price not worth the product? Should I prepare anything going in? Bring anything? This is my first time doing something like this, I'd like to make the most of the opportunity if it's worth it.
Based on everyone's pessimism I was quite shocked to receive the following . . . "Thanks for shopping at Brooks Brothers. Your recent order has been processed as detailed below. Your order has been shipped out via Fedex." in my email. Thanks for the PSA and the discount code, I hope it fits should arrive shortly.
Go to ebay and search for armyhardhat, he's a brooksbrother's clearance specialist. He recently had a glut of goldenfleece formal wear including shirts.
Seriously though. Let's clarify this, because I think this has derailed because people have run away with this as an excuse to discuss more interesting problems. If you met this girl, you said I like this girl she's cool, and you asked this girl out on a date and she responded with "I don't date guys in purple socks.", then you are DONE my friend this is over. You don't know why she said this you don't know if that's the real reason. You aren't invested, move on.
The answer is quite simple. If you are wearing purple pants, then kick her to the curb. If you are not wearing purple pants then she's the least of your problems!
Quote: Originally Posted by Ed Sullivan 6pm has these shoes in several sizes but most importantly you can see the shoe clearly in multiple views. Very handsome. Apparently, they come in pink as well. Not for the faint of heart.
rise measurments would be appreciated.
18+ 38s? where?
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