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You emailed TBS and got one?Did you just ask for one?
Anyone know how the sizing is on these OL 3 button blazers?
Is there still a styleforum promo code for Neighbour?
How much does this blazer run? Will it be online?
It should be here in a couple of days. I own a few of their shirts already and really like them. I could measure them for you or get you measurements when it shows up. I am pretty much always a medium in their shirts. For reference I am a 5'6" ,38" chest, 155LBs.
I think I need to give up on ervell shirting. I have tried both medium and large in the button collar shirts. Medium is just to slim in the body but good every where else. Large good in the body but with huge arms (both length and width) and crazy long. I guess I am just not meant to own them.
I went to Pitchfork a couple years ago and I hung out at Big Star each day before going to the festival. Cheap tacos, whiskey and beer.Depending where you are staying, I ate at the Purple Pig which is right on Michigan Ave. It was a good spot. I also went to one of the Rick Bayless restaurants.
Anyone come across any pants with drawstring waist and a cuff/elastic hem? Something ideal in black/grey that is not jogging pants or fleece.
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