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I love my W&H x Dayton boots. Bought them when they originally came out and still wear them everyday.I was just in Vancouver last week and made a stop at the Dayton shop, ended up leaving with a custom order pair of the Service boots in Horween Chromexcel black with Captoe and speed hooks. Can't wait to get them.
So disappointing, see that the sneakers go live to see that they only go down to size 8. No size 7?!?
Anyone know the leg opening measurements on both the Slim Tapered and Skinny Tapered jeans? Size 29 or 30.
really unsure of sizing.
really regret not buying this coat when it was available in my size
I plan to do this with a pair of white vans ...
Any shops worth checking out in Dallas?
I got the FC email. Followed the instructions so to create an account with the same email address the FC email came to and I still don't see the sale prices. What am I doing wrong?
You emailed TBS and got one?Did you just ask for one?
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