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I agree... but in this case, good thing they have put belt loops, at least they can sell it as a two pieces
This type of business could be operate with almost no overhead, all you have to do is find a mtm manufacturer in asia, build a nice website and foward the order as they come in. Customer satisfaction is purely on how you handle the claims. Customers acquisition could be a little high but if you think that if there is no sale you basically have no expenses.
My opinion is: If there is belt loops, you should wear a belt!
Wish you can show me a picture example of two perfectly aligned patern, I have never saw one.
Absolutely, but having it matching perfectly on both arms is a stike of luck, 1/8 off is actually consider really good.
I have to admit that the cutting is too perfect to be true on the sleeves and pockets. Nice details of the welt pocket on the vest! But seriously reversed fabric on the waistcoat... hopefully they did not repeat the mistake 2000 times
I agree!Transperacy: Where is the fabric really woven.The best advice I can give is don't ever use the word bespoke to decribe your product!Best of luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by noxlord Well, I just had 2 shirts altered at Gérard Mayeu and son. Actually, his son does not work with him anymore, he hired a Filipino taylor to help him instead. I wanted him to alter my shirts to make them slimmer. I am no expert, but he only darted lots of fabric in the back, nothing in the front so the side seam is now twisted toward the back. I also wanted him to take a look at my new Baroni suit for the fit, It's my...
[quote=MalfordOfLondon;4091587]How does this rate compared to the guy who wanted a Tom Ford label for the inside of his suit? Better or worse? It's a tough one. This is different; the Tom Ford guy is a broked show off, this one has an O.C.D problem. The solution my friend is to remove the labels on all your jackets
Quote: Originally Posted by Rugger I know this thread is relatively common. But would appreciate your assistance. If you were starting out building a professional wardrobe, how many suits would you consider a good lot? I was thinking least one different for each day of the week. The questions I pose to you: 1) How many suits would be the target/baseline number? 2) With that number...what would they be? (color/pattern/stripes/style...very macro...
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