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You think I'll stay outside the Beltway forever? What do you think I'll do with all that money when this finally pans out? Also, it appears that we may have stumbled on the solution to our problem. While finding a consistent method of high correlation between periods of performance has eluded us, we've realized that the first 3-6 months of any algorithm's performance tend to be its best months. Therefore, even picking algorithms at random, if we diversify (both in terms of...
None! I have no experience managing money prior to this. My experience is strictly in statistics and analytics.Obviously that makes this whole endeavor more difficult from the fundraising side, but we think with a good year under our belts and a lot more backtesting and analysis, we can recruit funders.
So we're still flat from January. This led us to do some experimentation with our backtesting, and we found that the correlation between performance at the end of two years is not as well correlated to the third year's performance as we thought -- this obviously has a significant implication for our method of selecting algorithms to use (we select which algorithm to use going forward by looking at the hypothetical performance over the last two years). Basically, we...
So, the fact that there are a few cheesy lines (generally made the best of by a talented voice cast) should outweigh what is holistically a character-driven, emotionally evocative game? That seems myopic.
It's definitely genre work, not literary or anything, but I'd say it's good genre writing.
Hey I've got a Steven Alan gift with a balance of $74.63 & while I really like their stuff, I'd rather have the new iPad. Looking to get rid of it quick so all reasonable offers will be considered. Thanks!
A bunch of side stuff carries through as well, but it doesn't affect the main plot really. It just adds a lot of nice color to the game.
It's presented as non-supernatural. The movie deals with sci-fi concepts like artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, etc. It's sci-fi. You're being obtuse.edit: do you consider Alien to be sci-fi? Because it deals with FTL travel which is totally implausible. Hell, that throws out a majority of sci-fi right there.
Absolutely. I replayed 1 and 2 before 3 came out in order to do my "canon" play-through. It's definitely worth it to carry over all the decisions you made in the first two games. For me, it really added to the immersion and emotional heft of the game.
Really?I just beat ME3 and, ending excluded, I'd say it has the best writing of any game I've played.In general, ending excluded, I'd say it's the best game I've ever played, period. Combat (at least as a Vanguard/VanGod) is agile, challenging, and fun. The world is more rich and immersive than anything else I've played. It makes Skyrim seem tiny in scope by comparison. The characters are well-fleshed out and I had a lot of attachment to them after three games with them --...
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