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The one thing that really bums me out as a lifelong Oregon fan is that if we win the NCG this year, Kelly will leave for the NFL and it will never happen again. I mean, maybe if Helfrich stayed on, and with the recruitment help they'd get from winning a title, but odds are Kelly will clean out the coaching staff and someone from outside will come in with an inferior system.
I sort of want ND and KState to lose out just so that Oregon can crush an SEC one-loss team and prove that the Pac-12 has the best program in the country.
Um, that's wrong. Since most people withhold their income taxes throughout the year, the changes in income tax would actually affect people's paychecks in real time. As to the rest of your post--stop bullshitting. You were talking about the "fiscal cliff" as if it were an emergency that had to do without out-of-control spending. You specifically talked about how we've "gone over the cliff before." No, we haven't. That's the whole point.If you believe that the fiscal cliff...
I think, as the 2008 recession illustrated, even people of means are hurt by economic downturns. You mention you have assets--well, those assets probably involve some amount of stock and/or real estate, correct? A recession would obviously diminish the value of those assets, so I don't see how you could be unaffected by the fiscal cliff.
Hey meister I'm still waiting for your CPI prediction for 2014.
This post reveals that, in fact, you don't know what the fiscal cliff is.Here's the short version of why it's bad:
Oh, also any of you guys who are willing to speculate on bond rates in 2014, I welcome your predictions. We have been hearing that bond rates are definitely going to go through the roof for about the past, oh, 12 years now, and they've continued to fall, but I'm sure this time you guys are right.
Meister, since you're such a good prognosticator, I wanted to follow up on that request for a prediction of CPI in 2014.Come on now, you must have a prediction. Do you think we at least break double-digits by then?Just give me an over-under.
I think UO's defense has been pretty strong throughout the season -- you have to remember that against USC (and today against Cal) they had a lot of injuries in their starting line; hell, today their entire starting defensive line was out. I am a bit worried about Avery Patterson's injury from today's game, but by bowl time a lot of their best defensive players will be back on the field. I mean, it certainly shows that the bench is not really that deep for Oregon, but they...
So what you're saying is that, instead of using the term "fiscal cliff" to apply to the particular budgetary snafu in January 2013, which is both the way everyone uses the term at the moment, and which is the subject of this thread, you instead made an irrelevant, off-topic post, using the same term for an unrelated meaning that has nothing to do with this thread. Oh, and to make a point that is misinformed and flatly wrong, to boot.
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