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Petroplus down 40% due to frozen credit lines. Can't help but think this sort of thing will make markets jittery if it happens to more companies. Last thing we need is a credit crunch right now.
Nope, not linear modeling. Machine-learning/data-mining stuff.The basic concept (I may have explained this before) is that we have a suite of very simple algorithms. Each of these algorithms tells us whether to go long or short on a given day. We then choose which algorithm to use on a given day using a bunch of fairly cutting-edge data mining techniques that look at the performance of each algorithm, and decide which one is currently performing the best out of the total...
http://www.slate.com/blogs/moneybox/2011/12/22/ron_paul_civil_war.html More charming sentiments from Dr. Paul
Easy to say when you're not on the receiving end of those "property rights" being institutionally employed to harm you. I'm glad that the US had the recourse to sue BofA for their mortgage discrimination, for example.
You raise a good point about granularity (though I think those making above 150k or 250k are at the very least upper-class), but I'm skeptical of your claims absent any polling/surveys. I'll see if I can dig something up on Google that would be more definitive, one way or the other.
This takes some serious mental gymnastics.
Yes, yes, nevermind that the wealthy overwhelmingly vote right-wing, please keep peddling the tired trope that all rich kids are entitled liberals.
Yeah, I know what you mean, and we've definitely gotten fucked on some of these positions when Moody's or Draghi come out and say some bullshit. On the other hand, look at how much of what these politicians/bureaucrats/ratings agencies say that everyone already knows. Like when Draghi said that there was "substantial downside risk" and the market tanked 1%. No shit! Downside risk? In Europe? I had no fucking idea!And while we all scratch our heads at why the market seems...
I think it's a big assumption that the events dictate the markets entirely -- how events are interpreted by investors is certainly a big part of the equation. And to the extent that how markets respond to events has to do with market trends, I think algorithmic trading can be successful even in macro-driven times. Macro events can also produce market trends that are easy to exploit -- for example crashes. I've mentioned before that our algorithm backtests quite well on...
I agree that 6 mos is a pretty small n, but it's large enough that investors are willing to bet on you. At least that seems to be the feedback so far.Currently we're in talks with a large national insurance company to work as an RIA under their financial advisory division. They get 35% of the profits but they do all the sales to fill up the fund and all the compliance dirty work, so it might be a good opportunity. Most likely though the deal would hinge on our test fund's...
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