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Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira What kind of coat are you looking for, a duffle is very different from a trench or a pea. What are you looking to spend, a Tom Ford would run $6000 and an H&M $60. Saying "tell me what to get" is like saying "tell me to go to Google" Fair enough. Probably something more like a peacoat (I'm not sure what a duffle is), and ideally under $200, but that's definitely flexible.
Are you supposed to size up from your suit size for coats/outerwear? I'm a 36, and was wondering if a 38 would be acceptable for a peacoat/overcoat? I'm totally ignorant of outerwear, as I'm from SoCal.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira What? Too vague? I honestly don't really know where to start -- I've never had to purchase winter clothes. I'm used to 75 and sunny in December. Even something as simple as a few brand recommendations, or something. I'm totally lost.
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier I am in love with those frames. What are they?
Nothing special -- just got the shirt and watch today, so I thought I'd throw 'em on. Please excuse shitty apartment/lighting -- just moved to a new city so I'm subletting my friend's (crappy) place. Glasses: Lucky Shirt: SmoothCo Watch: Nooka Jeans: Dylan George Shoes: Converse/John Varvatos
Glasses: Lucky Brand Shirt: SmoothCo Watch: Nooka Jeans: Dylan George 'Greg Slim Jeans' Shoes: Converse John Varvatos
So, I just moved from LA to Washington DC, and I need fall/winter clothes! I don't have any coats whatsoever, and it's starting to get cold. Anyone got advice for me?
It's a sad fact, TheDandy -- it's never fun when reality conflicts with style. :P
Quote: Originally Posted by TheDandy I feel I should give you a high five just because you understand and enjoy going to your tailor, I am addicted to mine, to the point that it is all you can find in my wardrobe... My wife and i went shopping in the BVI last winter, saw this beautiful Turquoise Lacoste short sleeve shirt, I never could wear it... the seams are just not at the right place. I am a bit sick of this online MTM trend... Believe me I could...
I've got no particular interest in either side of this shoe debate, but as someone who takes forensics (as in, argument) seriously, I do have to say that the people arguing for the barefoot trend in this thread have been far more compelling. Being the only posters citing peer-reviewed research certainly helps.
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