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Well, fair point we're only down about 0.45% on this position. It's not really "slaughter."I have a tendency to overstate our bad positions. We also have two more trading days before we close the position, so it could easily turn positive for us.Also, fuck you.
Gettin slaughtered today. Went long on SPY at 128.22 Sigh.
We've been trading for 5 weeks, simulating for 10, but I think most of it is on the strength of our backtesting. And we're vary wary of getting shafted, yeah.
Woo grey boxes! Best of luck to you and your friend; we can compare our 2012 results and see who comes out on top.
Up 9%. 7 of the last 7 positions have been winners. We definitely went through a bit of a slump right when we started, which was totally nerve-racking, so it's nice to see it performing more in line with our expectations. Should be meeting next week to see about scaling up with the insurance company's financial advisory division. I'm hoping an eight-figure fund size isn't totally out of the question. That would make it feasible to live off the management fee until the end...
I learned this stuff entirely on the job plus what I self-taught.
Unemployed! Normally I do database management and analytics for political campaigns/organizations.
$24k, on a GED in 2008 working for Obama. Field organizers/junior database managers don't get paid too well on campaigns. Then I moved to the AFL-CIO and started getting that union money. Sigh. I miss that. Also NORE for not graduating high school.
Note the scroll bar. This motherfucker ran up against the character limit on formulas. Pretty much all the work I've been doing on my stock trading algorithm is done in Excel, except for the machine-learning/data-mining algorithms which my partner does in R. Although the results that R spits out have to be fed back into the backtester I've built in Excel to be deciphered. Whenever we build new models or tweaks to existing models we build 864 variations which all have to...
I'm not really sure how I would qualify it between those two options. I mean, it does very well in crashes, so in that sense it's "defensive." However, it's certainly capable of making money in good times too, and it's definitely all about aggressively exploiting trends. It's high risk, high reward, so in that sense it's aggressive. I feel like it's hard for me to say; our beta is 0.08, so the idea of our fund being a hedge, or a trend-follower kind of doesn't fit, I...
New Posts  All Forums: