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What are the good thrift/consignment/vintage shops in DC?
Where should I post to ask what the good vintage/thrift/consignment shops in DC are?
Quote: Originally Posted by Local_Disk How long does it take you to read it? instantly? You get accustomed to it very rapidly -- I appreciate the inventiveness in that it does demonstrate that there really is more than one way to represent time while remaining truly intuitive. My first day with it sometimes I had to stop and look, but after 4 days it's already just as easy to read as a normal watch.
Also, I'm not sure why, but watches like that always seem much more absurd/loud in the abstract. I find that in reality, they don't draw that much attention. I just got it a few days ago, but I've been wearing it to work (which is biz cas), and most people either like it or don't notice it. I mean, I can understand if someone doesn't like the actual design of the watch, in and of itself, but I really do quite like the face, and I think sometimes it's easy to overestimate...
Quote: Originally Posted by softy Nevermind the absurd watch, what's with the blueblue shirt cuff that looks like Star Trek pyjamas? bad iphone photo color? It's over-saturated for some reason; it's not really that blue.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol i would never wear weird-ass watches like that but i do find them at least amusing when i was in grade school i had that magic 8-ball timex, fucking ballllerrrrr I was a little hesitant at first, but it was steep discount so I took the plunge. It's gotten tons of compliments and isn't as loud in real wear as I had feared. edit: I was also motivated to go for it because nothing else was particularly...
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol Because a watch only exists to tell time in a world where: a) there are clocks everywhere b) most people (especially people who can afford a rolex or something) carry a phone that tells the time and does a lot more They are just ornamental pieces now. That's fine, but people who argue against that in a vain attempt to masculinize their jewelry obsession are pathetic. Yup. Really enjoying my super gay...
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum dude just get something from tat. seriously good value How much does a tat blazer cost? I've only seen listings for their full suits.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira At $200, you might be a little limited (look at B&S, Supermarket, Ebay, Yoox, Gilt, sales, etc.) but if you're patient you can probably find something decent for around there. Definitely do a lot of research before buying though Is there a particular price range I should aim for? I know for instance that most people here recommend not spending less than $300 (retail) on shoes (other than sneakers). Is there...
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Another work fit, you can check the blog if you want to see an alt shot of it unzipped I guess. Those shoes are fantastic -- what are they?
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