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Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty Is this just a running joke or is 90+% of what gavroche wears from APC? Also where the hell can I find APC stuff on discount. I know they don't discount their denim, but what about other stuff?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ga-vroche Yeah, I think I just need to completely bite gavroche's steez gonna need to know your entire wardrobe, broheim
Yeah, generally runway models are extremely unattractive to me. Very un-feminine frames. I mean, it's not as if they're chosen for being attractive; they're chosen for having a body that makes the clothes they wear more attractive.
@Snake -- and what are the shoes?
shaped my eyebrows am I doing it right?
love the way the shoes and pants balance out that coat great fit
@arrogant bastard Well, yes, it's true that a lesser degree generally substitutes just fine for the moment -- but that's due to the relatively short supply of people well-versed in stats. As more people catch on, those who have advanced degrees now will have a long-term leg up. My personal experience with this is in the field of electoral politics, where there's been a rapid and dramatic shift towards making everything about campaigns more empirically-driven (whereas...
CS is definitely a solid alternative to b-school, but I'd argue that if you want to be truly cutting-edge, grab a degree in statistics. And it really is cutting-edge -- many schools don't even offer stand-alone stats programs, both grad and undergrad. But already people with stats experience are in tremendous demand; it's comparable to the beginning of the tech boom, where people are getting hired for high-paying jobs with mere undergraduate degrees in the field, or...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire There was a Nicholas Cage SNL skit where he was trying to think of a good name for his baby with his expectant wife. His name was pronounced "Os-wee-pay" Spelled Asswipe. I knew a kid in high school named Brick. Not so bad, but his last name was Wall. WTF were his parents thinking? Ugh, I hate pun names. My high school biology teacher was named Brick Street. Yeah, it's funny to you, the parent,...
Both are nice. I like the more tapered fit on the second one (the blue one on the right). What are they/how much/where to get?
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