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Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Around Christmas, my mom and I were discussing the Five Greatest Americans of all time after finding an old magazine on the topic and she looked at me like I was a communist for saying MLK was certainly one of them. I had Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Lincoln and MLK in that order. I think she had the the last five Republican presidents she could remember, but there is certainly an apathy in too many...
Quote: Originally Posted by CouttsClient My thoughts as well but others in this thread seem to need a sq footage upgrade to make it work Eh, I don't beat it when she's around simply because there's better options. Speaking of, the girl is in France for the next 10 days, so our hommade porn is going to end up in a lot heavier rotation now.
How does SF feel about Supras?
This is what I am craving right now: I really like Clae I've got a pair of their Russell mid-tops in grey patent and they're fantastic
Quote: Originally Posted by yoyodunno Opinions on this Generic Man: Also comes in a Pony hair version lol. want
How do you guys feel about Providence, for food? I went while I was back in town recently on vacation (after hitting up Bazaar and Osteria Mozza the nights before -- PS why isn't Bazaar anywhere on the list? I would expect that from jet.), and I thought it was pretty fantastic. The wild Rouget I had was probably the best-cooked piece of fish I've ever eaten.
I thought masculinity these days just meant buying Axe body spray and pounding 3,400 calories of Carl's Jr.? alt post: masculinity is gay
Quote: Originally Posted by rajesh06 The VBA code is Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range(Range address) of course the trick is defining Range address within the macro code Yeah. Sorry, should have clarified -- that's my question. I know how to get it to do an autofill to a certain range, the problem is that I can't figure out how to get it to fill to anything other than a static range. The makeshift solution I have is that it...
So, is there a good way to duplicate the way autofill works with VBA? In the sense that, I want a macro that opens up a document, adds a column, and fills that column with a value all the way down to the bottom of the sheet, as would happen if I manually double-clicked the corner of the cell. Basically, how do I use relative positioning in VBA? I once boot-strapped something with a macro that would find the next blank cell, activate it, and then paste what had been...
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug the same as every other clothing brand. is this serious that you don't know how clothing retail works? it's not as if you just get the entire clothing line at 70% off with a secret code or something. it's sales. usually you don't get a wide variety of things making sales and then finding the exact item in the exact color and size is kinda tough to find before other people. not to mention not a lot of stores carry much...
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