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The conclusions are debatable (although not surprisingly I think they have merit), but the differential in economic mobility is widely affirmed. Canda and Western Europe have higher economic mobility than the US. They also have less wage disparity, generally speaking. I think it's not unreasonable to draw a link between the two. There's even a good Krugman column on it today, which will of course immediately discredit this line of thinking on the boards.
Ah yes, because democratic-socialism is at fault for this and not the Euro. Canada has a higher debt-to-GDP ratio than France, yet retains AAA. Singapore, too. Japan has more than double the debt-to-gdp and is one notch lower, but with lower borrowing costs. And then of course there's the Scandinavians in Sweden and Norway who aren't exactly known for being laissez-faire capitalists, and yet have lower debt-to-GDP than France and also retain AAA ratings.But that would...
Hm, so after doing further research it looks like hedge fund managers don't need Series 7 licenses, rather diminishing some of the MetLife job's appeal. The ballsier option is to take the Series 65 and get legally set up as a hedge fund, and then seek out either a seeder fund to back us or some wealthy initial clients. It looks like getting registered as a hedge fund isn't really too much of a legal hurdle -- less than we thought originally. Just a few more steps than...
I was in DC -- I moved back to LA to live at home after I was unemployed and fed up with DC.edit: and LA is awesome.
yeah, I woke up quite happy to be short as well, though a little peeved that my short UPRO position closed out yesterday. I should have set the limit higher.
Pretty much. I don't think there's the political will to take the necessary steps to stem the tide, mainly due to German irrational fear of inflation.
Well, I'll be sure to clear it with him, but he's currently a university fellow where he's pursuing his PhD (and he lives in the east coast, whereas I'm in LA, as is the job offer), so I think it would just be me. From preliminary discussion, he seems fine with the arrangement. This would also leave him available for any prop-shop offers or other more lucrative deals that might come our way.
So I think I may take the MetLife job in order to get my Series 7 and get my feet under me and just keep working on building my own business on a more part-time basis.
the other option is to play UPRO instead of SPY, and leverage out the ass, and hope that the damn thing works and turn our meager fund into a large fund very rapidly.
Yeah, that would be the basic idea.I'm a little concerned also though that I wouldn't be that good at it, since such a large part of it would be the client development side. I'm an analysis guy, not a sales guy. It's not a skillset I'm super comfortable with. Although I suppose best way to learn is by doing.
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