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I think we got most of that out on Friday. EFSF downgrade could hurt, but I think it's pretty much priced in.
futures are up 0.4% whatever that counts forAlgo is long @ open tomorrow, for those keeping track
This is where we differ, but you already know my fairly outlandish stances on the government's ability to summon money from thin air.
So I can't tell if I need to get my series 65 or not -- apparently this depends upon Dodd-Frank. At one point, many hedge fund managers could remain unregistered with the SEC or states, but now apparently most (all?) fund managers must be registered investment advisors. The thing that's unclear to me is that if you have only accredited clients and have less than $25 AUM, do you still have to register? I plan on getting my Series 65 regardless, because we would prefer to...
Like I said -- that's not my opinion, it was mentioned in S&P's decision, whatever that is worth (probably very little).Personally, while I think the austerity measures put in place in most of the EMZ have been counter-productive, I don't believe they substantially raise the risk of sovereign default -- because I don't believe there is a credible risk of sovereign default in a nation with a floating fiat currency. I lay most of the blame at the foot of the Euro itself. And...
Regardless of whether I blame it on austerity or not, S&P at least partially did by mentioning that the pro-cyclical policies currently in place in Europe seem to be prompting another recession which in turn is driving down revenues and impeding the ability of Eurozone nations to pay back their bondholders.
I think that's part of it, but that's probably desirable given that relative standing seems to have a strong impact on well-being as well as absolute standing in the lower quintiles.We've had this conversation before, I think, but I'm not necessarily sure that there's a problem with a disproportionately high level of non-savers if they can be assured of consistent, livable income and guaranteed access to necessities like housing and medical care. I think you may be right...
How you livin, javyn? You short EUR/USD? I'm waiting for it plunge below parity and then I'm planning a vacation.
New Posts  All Forums: