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What's your gripe? What else is it when a person of wealth says they want to "lower the rate and broaden the base?" They're saying that they want their taxes to be lower, and for people who make less than them to start paying more. It's hardly self-sacrificing.
First, I think "Buffet" and "the Dems" are separate entities, though the former obviously has some measure of support (but also disagreement) with the latter. And I wasn't claiming you were arguing the Congressional Republican side -- not at all. I'm just saying that I think Buffet's efforts were primarily symbolic, and meant to skewer the Congressional GOP's answer to deficits, which is "lower taxes for the wealthy, higher taxes for the lower and middle class, and minimal...
But oil companies and gas companies have been enjoying outsize profits for years and years now, and they continue to set new records. I think we're clearly in a state of extreme disequilibrium.
I agree it's symbolic, that's my point. My point is also that symbolic action is not invalid by virtue of it being symbolic. I think Buffet makes a worthwhile point here about the attitudes coming from the Congressional GOP.But for those who believe that equity is its own goal, then there is merit to the rich paying more, in addition to the fact that it would help ameliorate the problem, if not solve it entirely.It will do more than many of the discretionary cuts proposed...
Ah, you're right, I misread Rigell's contribution %. I thought it said he donated 25%As to the fairness argument though, I think you're misunderstanding Buffet's point. Buffet here is trying to underline the difference in his attitude towards the deficit, and that of Republicans in Congress. His attitude is one of "I should contribute more, as should people like me, to this problem." The GOP attitude is "this is a problem, but I should not contribute more to solve it, nor...
So, I'm just gonna throw this out there, but even free-market philosophy doesn't contradict the notion that excessive profits are a sign of uncompetitive markets. Oil and gas companies are clearly in a highly uncompetitive, inefficient market, and have been for years now, as exemplified by their extremely high profit margins. I think when we have clear evidence of monopolistic or oligopolistic corporate sectors, there is reasonable cause for the public sector to take...
And how would that work with his proposed pledge to match any and all comers, exactly? It wouldn't take more than 5 Rigell's to put Buffet at over a 100% obligation. And shit, why not calculate net worth % instead of income? Then Buffet will be paying even more.This is a silly line of reasoning, Piob. He explicitly promised to match the gross contribution, not a percentage.
Don't make me come back just to spite you mordecai. I will do it!
Well, regardless of where it opens I just hope it trends upward from open to close.
French finmin confirmed it during trading hours Friday. It pretty much hit on Friday, I'd say.
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