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6:30 to check and make sure the orders put in overnight executed, but then I usually go back to sleep until 930 or 10.
Looks like we might have someone willing to finance our start-up costs ($40,000-$80,000, depending on certain quotes and so forth) for a relatively small portion of equity. The nice thing about this is that it allows us to set up an infrastructure plan -- get squared away with all the service providers we'll need so that we can tell prospective investors who will be providing our back office operations and what best practices we will be employing, etc. Having a compliance...
But those are not the people making the decisions about whether or not to help finance union-friendly candidates.And look at the failure of EFCA -- which the white house basically wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole -- and the healthcare excise tax, which were both huge blows to the union movement. Far bigger in scope than any of the union wins.The debate is ongoing. The status quo is to spend unsustainable amounts of money to barely tread water legislatively, and a lot...
Apartheid states tend to be rather reactionary.
Obama has been good to unions? I guess those things seem very different to an outsider's perspective. From within the labor movement, I can tell you that the mood is mostly one of discontent. There's a big internal debate raging right now in the labor movement about if it is time to stop spending on elections altogether and spend that money on organizing instead.
Yeah, the failure of the Paulsons of the world is a black eye on the entire industry right now. 2011 is the second worst year for hedge funds on record. Average return was -5%, I believe.
streak is now at 14, total yield at 15.3% Things are starting to get rough though, business-wise. It's gonna take at least 20,000 to get legally organized as a hedge fund, and then we have to hire independent administrators, compliance consultants, and accountants. We've been talking to a bunch of Fund of Funds and Seeder Funds and while I do think it's possible for us to go that route at some point, having no infrastructure is a definite mark against us as far as these...
But Warren Buffet isn't a person of no wealth.I'm not saying it's self-sacrificing for me to say that. Although hopefully someday I too can be an obnoxious rich liberal like Mr. Buffet.
I think it's a fair rhetorical tactic.And those proposals have been reiterated throughout the GOP primary -- I'm talking about the incessant rhetoric from the GOP about "broaden the base, lower the rate." And cutting entitlements...austerity has been the name of the game for the GOP since 2010.
New Posts  All Forums: