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Two issues;(1) It really depends on the Republican. Plenty of them have in fact said "we will cut government spending but keep popular entitlements," namely SS and Medicare. See: Medicare part D, GOP cries of Obama "destroying Medicare" with HCR, etc. Many of them play the entitlement card when it suits them. I will grant that they are becoming more consistent on this issue, however.(2) There is a really interesting phenomenon where rich states tend to vote for Democrats,...
oh man I've seen this one all over the place and it drives me fucking nuts
My main takeaway here is that all libertarians are racist. I'm doing it right?
No plans. IPOs don't really figure into the model since we need an equity's history to train the algorithms on. No history = no model.Today was a kickass day for us, though. Cleared 1.8%Our awesome streak died yesterday, sadly. We made it to 14 positions, 5 weeks of uninterrupted profit. And our losing position yesterday only lost about 0.15%So, overall we're up about 17% now and things continue to look good. Woulda been awesome if the streak had continued though.
What? Where did you get that from what I said?Let's back up for a second.You said for a person of "no wealth" to advocate "raising the rate and narrowing the base" is not self-sacrificing. I'm not disagreeing. However, this is not the case for Buffet, as he clearly would bear the burden of the policies he is advocating.
I think a key difference between the sex/drug/vice culture of northern Europe and the US is that there is a rather large socially conservative contingent in the US that doesn't care about reducing teen pregnancy or STI rates. They view these things as the natural consequences of immoral behavior, and to "control" and "order" such behavior would be moral hazard. See: debate over the HPV vaccine. For many religious conservatives in the US, pre-marital sex is itself the...
Hadn't thought about that, no. Interesting idea.
That and I think it'd damage the GOP brand as a whole.
I want this to happen so, so very badly.
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