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Man this Oregon/Stanford game is waaaay closer than I predicted. I am very uncomfortable right now. Mariota is looking more flustered in this game than I've ever seen him.
KState down by 14 at baylor????? Also Stanford is playing fucking incredible D right now Edit: Holy shit Kstate down by 21. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Edit2: Hogan came out guns blazing first quarter against Oregon but he seems to be losing some accuracy.
Yes but why?
Someone please offer a conservative economic theory that explains this graph. I know MMT explains it just fine, but I'm curious as to how traditional Monetarism, or (god forbid) Austrianism explains it.
Seriously that chart of MZM velocity should fucking strike terror in the heart of everyone who looks at it. Especially when you consider that MZM (and even the now-discontinued M3) is way too fucking narrow to take into account all the varied-maturity instruments that constitute our practical and actual money supply, like bonds, and all the shadow-banking credit that isn't measured anywhere (and which totally evaporated in '08). PEOPLE ARE NOT SPENDING THEIR MONEY. IT IS...
We're not yet close to replacing all the money we lost, let alone all the money we should have been accumulating in the interim recovery period necessary to keep pace with current account deficits and increases in productivity and population. We are still very, very far down in the hole. And that money is not being "created" by the Fed. QE is just a maturity transformation that exchanges one type of money (bonds) for another type of money (cash). It hasn't increased the...
Sure we can. What the fuck are they gonna do about it? Not buy our debt? Fat chance. They're already buying our debt at negative real rates of appreciation, so why would they stop doing that? Their existing debt stock would decline in value, but realistically where in the world are they going to turn for an asset as secure as US debt going forward? Nominal rates would go up, real rates would stay low or negative, and business would continue as usual. Better still would be...
Thomas Friedman is moron. It's an embarrassment to the Times that they still publish his writing.
Realistically though there are tons of place to put your money that are (explicitly or implicitly) indexed to inflation. Inflation has not robbed anyone of their life savings in this country. We are not Brazil in the '80s. Certainly we can't get much lower inflation than we have currently, at least not without harming the economy--or do you think we should raise interest rates and taxes right now? Does that seem like a good idea to you?I care what labor can buy --...
Ubisoft is doing pretty well generating buzz so far. First Fassbender for AC, now Hardy for SC? Those are some pretty awesome gets. Definitely makes me more likely to see the movies.
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