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We just engaged a law firm to begin doing the docs. We plan to be ready to accept funds on July 1st. Whether we have any funds to accept at that time is up in the air, however.
I skipped it -- went directly out to the clubs that night instead with some guys from Rothstein and Lazard. I heard they were pretty good, actually, but that the crowd just had no idea who the fuck they were or what was going on.
Anyway, SALT was awesome. Made some really great contacts. Wouldn't be surprised if a 3-6 months down the road (for the due diligence process) some of these leads turned into a major allocation for us. Also got a chance to learn a lot more about potential service providers, which while much less sexy is still an important part of running the business. Also looks like we will almost definitely be offered the opportunity to be PMs of a substantial allocation at another firm...
All of our tests are out of sample. In sample testing is utterly meaningless, and would show us earning returns in the millions of percent annually. What kind of statistical novice does in-sample backtesting ?Also, you're flatly wrong on the trend issue. Look at the first quarter of 09. It's nothing but extremely volatile chop with no discernible trend whatsoever -- and not coincidentally (because of the high volatility) that's actually where we make the majority of our...
I actually agree with all of this. I don't expect that we'll be able to receive any institutional money for at least our first three years. However, that still leaves open individuals, family offices, FoFs, and Seeders. I think between those options we can scrape together enough to start the business and sustain it long enough to have a true track record that would make institutions comfortable.I think you may have misread my post on our performance. We're up 12% (although...
I'm not intent on disregarding -- I think I've answered most questions on the nature of the model pretty even-handedly up to this point. Most of the concerns people have voiced haven't really applied to our methodology, and IIRC most of the conversations on the issue have ended with the concerned party's fears being assuaged.I'm curious what your comments are given your background in the field.edit: Also I'm curious as to why you would say that out of sample tests are...
Shorts getting mostly burned today
Going to the SALT conference in Vegas on Tuesday of next week. One of the two biggest events in the hedge fund world each year, tons of investors. Two events there that I know I can get into and the rest I'm going to have to crash. Should be fun!
In general.Haven't been able to find a breakout of just quant funds.
Oh and as of end of April we're up 12%, since inception, with the average hedge fund up 4.5% over the same period.
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