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So futures are already looking ugly for tomorrow. We're already in correction -- who thinks things are going to go full-on bear market?
dollar also up significantly, as are treasurysedit: nm, looks like the dollar fell at open
Well shit be lookin ugly this morning. Can't say I mind particularly, as we have no exposure right now, and bad markets mean other funds are going to do poorly.
Thanks morde! We're pretty excited.
Still searching for anchor investors, but we did raise about $60,000 for startup costs for the fund, which should cover everything and then some. The lawyers have started work on the documents, we're making our final decisions on administrators, accountants, and prime brokerage, and the fund will be ready to take investors' capital on August 1st.
of gold? Good lord I hope not.I don't think our economic elites have gone quite that insane, although the hard money folks are a lot louder these days.
gold is not moneyedit: idiot
Diablo III has been a clusterfuck from day 1 for me. First the servers being down constantly, then the lag and frequent disconnects, and now my account just got hacked. ...all on an ostensibly single player fucking game. Blizzard has really fucked the experience of this game with their stupid social account/real money auction house/DRM bullshit.
We're not against this at all -- we're currently talking to a prop shop that I met at SALT. We just don't have a particularly good network of prop shops -- we wouldn't really know where to start. But, yes, it's something that we're pursuing concurrently with seeking investors for the fund.
Only if you manage $100mil or more.
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