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I know Brooks isn't saying that. But Piob is.
My point is that this is just another typical Piob thread. He wants to take an existing liberal narrative (conservatives are X) and then try to highlight a contradiction (here are some conservatives who are Y), and then pose a question to the liberals as to how they respond to this supposed contradiction.This, in my view, is moot, because really there is no contradiction. A handful of bloggers does not change the reality of how tens of millions of people actually voted.
Yes, we get it. You resent the factual reality that the voting population that elects conservative candidates is old, white, male, and less educated. This is not the portrait of conservatism that you want portrayed, and it makes you uncomfortable to think that these are your compatriots. Therefore, like all good partisans, you endeavor to invent a more pleasing reality where conservatism is young, dynamic, multiethnic, and educated. Here's the truth: bloggers are young,...
Yeah it's not like anyone could genuinely believe that wealth inequality is a problem or anythingJust progressive bogeymen used to whip up the minorities to vote against the white establishment
Personally, I am skeptical that Sr is an anti-semite at this point in his life. If Robert Byrd can have changed his tune, why not Jesse Jackson? His misappropriation of charity funds, however, is genuinely deplorable. Still, I think that the somewhat small-potatoes bit of hush money doesn't transform someone who devoted much of his life to the civil rights movement into a piece of shit. He did a bad thing, but he's also done a lot of good things. I certainly hold him in...
Both your links are the same list from the same place, a partisan conservative fringe site. Barack Obama, one of the top 10 most corrupt politicians because of Solyndra? And color me skeptical when it comes to your concern for the finances of the Rainbow Coalition.
Also I like that still no one has really explained why they think JJ jr is a piece of shit.Edit: And while we're at it why don't you all explain your rabid antipathy for JJ Sr also.
Seriously? You guys are skeptical that I might have have some genuine, non-partisan sympathy for someone whose life has been de-railed by bipolar? That seems odd to you? Really?
I was hoping you would stay away longer. It was so much nicer without you.
And this is based on what, exactly?
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