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It's funny -- I went back through this thread and read the whole thing, and boy did I not know what the fuck I was doing/getting into when I first started this process. And I'm sure I'll be saying the same thing again six months down the road. Still, I have to say, for anyone thinking about striking out on their own -- do it if you have the opportunity. This has been a tremendous time for learning, growth, and experience. Honestly, I was in pretty bad straits,...
Hit a new high watermark today: 19% return since inception almost 7 months ago. Hopefully we break the 20% threshold this week, as we have an important fundraising meeting on thursday.
Where's it coming from though? Again, not complaining because I am long, but with yields rising it seems like the only hope right now is some ECB intervention.
And then on confirmation of a bailout, it finally falls. Weird behavior. Although I am short today from the open, so I must admit I'm pretty happy with the way things are going so far today.
We just raised our first $200,000! 10% to goal!
The visuals were great and Fassbender's performance is reason enough to see the film. However the script is the real weak point of the film. A lot of the plot just doesn't really make sense, with poorly-fleshed-out motivations for characters (or whole species), a lot of unanswered questions (and not in a profound, "interpret it yourself" way, but in a "we just sort of let that hang because we didn't know what to do with it" way), and frankly some outright holes. Still,...
91% with the green party candidate (Jill Stein) and 89% with Obama. 1% with Mittens. No real surprise there.
This rally today is totally baffling to me. So Spain is expected to ask for bank bailout on Saturday -- great? Because the record of bailouts with Greece has been so spectacular.
We have our first big meeting with two potential investors for the fund on Sunday. Knowing their net worth, anything between $200k and $1mil is possible from this meeting, but perhaps even more exciting is that they're interested in taking a small profit-sharing stake in the company in exchange for fundraising activity on our behalf. They're both very well-connected and have lots of investor friends/partners, so I'm pretty pumped. Wish us luck!
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