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Yeah I'm from Oregon. Grew up in Portland, and my dad went to UO. Used to go to the Civil War games back when Bellotti was head coach. Always liked the Ducks but it's been so much fun to follow them ever since Kelly got the head job.As to the money -- I don't think that's an issue. They're already paying him more than the median NFL head coach salary, and they'd be happy to pay him more if he won a championship. I think he just genuinely wants to win a Superbowl, and...
The one thing that really bums me out as a lifelong Oregon fan is that if we win the NCG this year, Kelly will leave for the NFL and it will never happen again. I mean, maybe if Helfrich stayed on, and with the recruitment help they'd get from winning a title, but odds are Kelly will clean out the coaching staff and someone from outside will come in with an inferior system.
I sort of want ND and KState to lose out just so that Oregon can crush an SEC one-loss team and prove that the Pac-12 has the best program in the country.
I think UO's defense has been pretty strong throughout the season -- you have to remember that against USC (and today against Cal) they had a lot of injuries in their starting line; hell, today their entire starting defensive line was out. I am a bit worried about Avery Patterson's injury from today's game, but by bowl time a lot of their best defensive players will be back on the field. I mean, it certainly shows that the bench is not really that deep for Oregon, but they...
The most recent episode had me fucking dying. The whole scene in the truck was one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life.
Restaurant Eve is fantastic. The tasting room was one of the most enjoyable meals I've ever had -- not just for the food, but for the leisurely pace, excellent service, and ambience. One of the few things I miss about living in DC.
Ugh, about to take a beating tomorrow (we're short) because markets are totally overreacting to the news of a single EU bank regulator. I mean, that's all well and good but how exactly does that stop a Greek exit and subsequent bank run in the no-longer EU country? And how does it stop yields from going higher in Italy and Spain? But whatever, tomorrow is looking like a 1-2% day on the S&P and I'm going to get fucked.
And June was looking so promising there for a while...
It seems as though we've crossed a threshold where bad news has become good news on the assumption that enough bad news will stimulate central bank action.
Yesterday we got our foot in the door with one of the largest hedge fund seeders out there: Larch Lane Advisors. They're a 1.5bil fund of funds that focuses on emerging managers and seeding new funds -- and it looks like they may want to run us through their due diligence process. If, at the end of that 3-6 month process, they like what they see, we would receive an investment from them in the range of 75-100mil. Pretty sure the odds are quite steep on this, but hey, I'll...
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