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Oh hey, I saw the Dunn trial in the news and thought "I wonder what CE's reaction to this is?"Surprise, you're still assholes.
Lol...OK I see now. I didn't see the blue dot before. I was just trying to conceptualize 70 yards.
Maybe I'm reading it wrong?
Yeah sorry you're right--it was the non-emergency number. My bad.
Seems to me that point 7 is closer to Martin's back door than to Zimmerman's truck, which is what I thought.Not to mention that when he got to "find a street sign," he stated to the 9-1-1 operator that he was still following Martin.
70 yards from Martin's house is within eyesight.edit: which is inconsistent with Zimmerman tailing Martin, getting out of the car, tailing him further, and then losing sight of him. Meaning that Zimmerman followed Martin after hanging up with 9-1-1
What statistics would those be?This is what I saw:
I don't think Zimmerman provoked him by his mere presence. I think Zimmerman provoked him by following Martin, even after Martin attempted to flee.By Zimmerman's own 9-11 call, he followed Martin, lost sight of him, and yet managed to end up in an altercation with Martin a few minutes later right next to Martin's house. To me, this suggests that Martin reasonably attempted to flee what he perceived as a threatening individual. Zimmerman pursued, and Martin felt he had...
Well the fact is that Martin had a right to be where he was and was doing nothing illegal when Zimmerman begain tailing him and playing deputy. So, I would say that's a fair definition of "innocent."Also, Zimmerman being justified of self-defense does not mean that Martin would have been found guilty of assault had he lived. Those are not congruent. That potential guilt would have to be determined separately, and I personally think it's unlikely a jury would have found...
I don't know what DU is.I think many people are indeed convinced that Zimmerman is a murderer. I think they mean "murderer" by a different ontology than that which is defined in Florida law. I think people are not understanding why their definition of "murderer" did not result in the state rendering the legal verdict of "murderer."But, hey, I mean, if you wanna call all those people stupid, then I guess that's your prerogative. I, personally, think it's not hard to...
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