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So I guess I'm reduced to hoping that both ND and Flordia get upset next week, so that Oregon has a chance to be #2 after Bama and UGA duke it out in the SEC champ. Fucking Oregon sports teams always manage to choke when it counts.
I can't fucking believe this.
Where the fuck is Oregon's passing game right now. Stanford is not a great pass-defense team. Why can't UO's receivers get open?
Man this Oregon/Stanford game is waaaay closer than I predicted. I am very uncomfortable right now. Mariota is looking more flustered in this game than I've ever seen him.
KState down by 14 at baylor????? Also Stanford is playing fucking incredible D right now Edit: Holy shit Kstate down by 21. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Edit2: Hogan came out guns blazing first quarter against Oregon but he seems to be losing some accuracy.
Ubisoft is doing pretty well generating buzz so far. First Fassbender for AC, now Hardy for SC? Those are some pretty awesome gets. Definitely makes me more likely to see the movies.
Yeah I don't think it will be close. Only chance Stanford has to keep it close is to keep Oregon's offense off the field with an effective run game, which miiiight be possible given the extensive injuries on Oregon's defense.One thing I hate about being an Oregon fan is that even when UO is #2 in the nation, ESPN can't be bothered to cover them at all. Same problem, not quite as bad with KState. The top two teams in the nation get perfunctory coverage, and then it's back...
In the game against Cal they hardly relied on the run at all. Barner only rushed for like 65 yards.I mean, I wouldn't go as far to say Cal "shut down" the run game for Oregon, but clearly Kelly decided it would be faster and easier to just let Mariota go for it, and the kid threw 6 touchdowns.But I basically agree with you. He hasn't been truly tested in a "the game depends on it" kind of way. However that might happen with Stanford on Saturday. No 1 rush defense in the...
I think the player talent has improved since 2010, and the biggest change is Mariota. Oregon has always been a run-heavy offense, and their rushing ability is probably even a bit better than it was in 2010 -- Barner is playing just as well as James did, and Thomas is better than Barner was at that time -- but it is possible to shut down Oregon's rushing game, which Auburn did a good job of in 2010. And I think you're right that in the month of preparation before the NCG,...
I think A&M showed everyone that Bama doesn't have the defensive ability to slow down an Oregon offense all that much.
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