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I picked this up tonight. I was able to try a dram of HP 12, and also Balvenie Double Wood 12. HP was good, but had some peat to it, which wasn't terrible by any means, but wanted something else. The Double wood 12 was real solid too. I just winged it from there, as this sounded very tasty, and I'm pretty new to Scotch anyways, so why not explore? After my first sip just now, I am liking it.
No worries, I should have been exact. Thanks for the reply. I did end up putting some on, I tend to get a little overprotective of new expensive things. I got antsy, and figured it couldn't hurt it, hahaha.Thanks for the replies tho.
Sorry, I should have said they are the waxed tobacco LWB, and not shell.
Thanks for everyone that helped me out a few pages back with my J Crew x Alden LWB. I did get my new pair sent overnight to me and came yesterday. They look much better. Another question I have is if I should get taps put on the bottom? One last question...Do you guys put Obenauf's LP on the bottom leather sole for added protection, or is that just a waste of time? I might be silly questions, but please don't sling too many tomatoes at me.
Looking for some guidance here. I just got my Alden's from J Crew(first ever pair), and noticed a few things when I first opened the box. I wasn't sure if they were due to making them by hand, and it's normal, or if I am needing to send them back in hopes for a better looking pair. Thanks
Essentially yes. The lady on the phone said it applied to all regular priced items, then she went to add it on the website & it didn't let her. She then did some other checking on her computer on another spot & it let her apply the discount. It took a few mins, but well worth the 20% off of them. Now if the LWB was available in the #8 with J Crew that would have been fantastic.
I didn't want the black cadet bluchers. That's all that I saw on their website for shell cordovan other than the boots & chukkas.
Just an update, I called and talked to the store, they didn't have any discounts they could set me up with, even after telling them I planned to make a fairly large order(certainly not a humble brag, just wanted to give them the facts, as maybe it would help) I called the 800#, and after some checking and tweaking, the lovely lady on the phone set me up with the 20% off for the 2 day sale. I'll have the Longwing Blucher in Tobacco coming. Really wanted some shell#8, but...
Good to know. Now I just have to find someone that works there. Isn't there a few members here that do? My closest J crew is a little over an hour away, & haven't been there. Reason being is I moved from Iowa, where there was 1 store about 2 hours away. I just buy online.
I'd say the $230 deal for the Beckmans are your best deal. I bought them in cigar featherstone last year & absolutely love them. It's crazy the complements I've received while wearing. Even more so only living 30 mins away from Red Wing Minnesota, people always ask what brand they are. The width itself isn't bad, but they do right a little tight in general until you break then in. Shoe trees are a must as well, unless you don't mind the creasing. Theft aren't terrible with...
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