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Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Sorry, but you don't know what you are talking about. Ok.
Quote: Originally Posted by Loathing I think Mr Cameron looks pretty sharp. Sure the outfit is a bit baggy, but that's just an old fashioned fit. Baggy does not = old-fashioned. Also he has a rueful gap between his shirt and coat collar, and that's not old-fashioned either.
I just scanned over this thread again and realised what I'd missed. Reagan speechwriter faults Obama for lack of sartorial savoir-faire in the well-precedented white tie / DJ combo, while interpreting Bush as an example of old-money nonchalance with regard to clothes (he's a 'rugged outdoorsman' just like Prince Phillip, with a proper Ivy League indifference to fashion). Obama is the arriviste, and Bush is the preppie who can't be bothered with elegance because he knows...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bounder Fine. I guess it will have to be the toga then. Does anyone know what shoes are appropriate? I was thinking #8 shell. Woven-leather sandals?... whatever suits you best.
Quote: Originally Posted by GBR Orphaned coats should not really be worn in such a way - they look exactly what they are - orphans. If you must, then jeans only. Depends on the pocket style. If the op's jacket has patch pockets, it would be indistinguishable a tan linen sportcoat. It would be the same as the trousers from a grey flannel suit: it doesn't matter if the jacket is gone, or still in service - the trousers can be correctly...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bounder Oh, goody! I can break out my frock coat and knee breeches. No, wait! Even better! My toga! They really look quite dignified, when you think about it. Very insightful. However, frock coats were not worn with knee breeches.
I would only keep the navy with white dots by Brooks Brothers (top pic), the black grenadine tie next to it, and the striped J Crew tie in the middle of the bottom pic.
Quote: Originally Posted by Roger Everett The trousers are too long because ---- That's what you usually end up with on RENTALS I find it hard to believe that many of the politicians and celebrities are using rentals.
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas meh, I don't think they're as bad as you state. They're not up to the SF standard but the first pic I saw, of Becks, is not out of keeping with traditional norms. Beckham's break looks worse in the other picture of him that I didn't post. If by 'traditional norms' you mean the excessive break that began in the mid-20th century in the American ready-to-wear industry, in which more and more men bought their...
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