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Quite a price increase.
Are both field jackets in the sale section $110? The moleskin is showing up as a different price in the cart.
I got my shipping notification yesterday afternoon.
Got the Context boots. Quick question - does anyone have experience with the raw cord soles with the "ice grip plugs" in snow and ice? Wondering if these will be up to a Midwestern winter.
I contacted the folks at Context and was told that the horse butt consists of 3 layers and that shell cordovan has 2 layers removed to expose the shell membrane. The leather they're using supposedly has all three layers intact.
I believe the discount expired yesterday.
PSA - Land's End has Graysons in suede. 25% coupon seems to work.
I have a very similar pair of whiskey LHS but mine were sold as irregulars.
I'm waiting for a pair too.
The black wingtip boots are still available if anyone is interested.
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