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I contacted the folks at Context and was told that the horse butt consists of 3 layers and that shell cordovan has 2 layers removed to expose the shell membrane. The leather they're using supposedly has all three layers intact.
I believe the discount expired yesterday.
PSA - Land's End has Graysons in suede. 25% coupon seems to work.
I have a very similar pair of whiskey LHS but mine were sold as irregulars.
I'm waiting for a pair too.
The black wingtip boots are still available if anyone is interested.
Leffot preorder.
I'm torn between the brown chromexcel Indys and the natural chromexcel Indys, both with commando soles. Any thoughts on the versatility of the different shades? Any difference in durability of the finishes? These would be used during Michigan winters.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alcibiades I just checked out the new Alden chukkas at J Crew... I was't a fan of the texture of the roughed out chukka... I much prefer Alden's normal suedes. Also, I wasn't too much of a fan of the cordovan chukka Of all the J Crew makeups, the #8 captoe boots, the tobacco longwings and their version of the Indy look the best to me. Also their suede plain toe boots are also worth looking into. The Liquor Store also carries...
How about these from Winn Perry? http://shop.winnperry.com/products/a...ck-captoe-boot
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