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Depends on the fit. I wear a short, slim fit tweed blazer with my skinny jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano I just laugh at some of the nonsense I read on this board sometimes. It really is entertaining. Same here! This is the main reason I come to this forum. I don't even wear traditional men's clothing.
Quote: Originally Posted by IDKKID678 Thank you, I like these shirts I'm not 25 years old I'm only 15. But can you please just answer my question please. I didn't ask your opinion on the shirts looks, I asked your advice/opinion on the authenticity of the shirt. But thank you for trying to help. Actually, I'm sorry. I'm the one being the douche bag.
Quote: Originally Posted by WallStPeon I'm disappointed that this isn't on 37" 200 spoke gold plated Gucci rims... Well, if I get it, I'll install Chanel rims. I need to know if the car is authentic though. Any help guys?
Is this Louis Vuitton fake? Please help guys. I need to know before I spend $150 on it.
Quote: Originally Posted by SenorLeung Is there anyway to wear this charcoal jacket as a sports coat with a pair of jeans/chinos? Or would it just look funny? Picture For jeans, it depends on the fit of the coat. With chinos, I'll have not go with no, *unless* you know what you're doing.
Quote: Originally Posted by ATS [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] Thank You in advance for your input Clearly fake, like most things Louis Vuitton sells.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving That's odd. My Mabitex are apparently "baggy as fuck". That's not necessarily a paradox. With slim cut pants, one often needs to go up a size for them to fit comfortably. In the photo you refer to, your pants were too large primarily around the waist.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving McFly, it's that I don't care to differentiate b/w a longwing and a wingtip in the context of this thread. Do you even understand the point of this thread, you halfwit? It's to determine what shoes normal people respond to. In real life, the two are functionally the same.... Normal people don't see or care about the difference b/w longwings and wingtips, and certainly not when your pants cover part of the...
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