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How should the ankle of a boot fit? I rarely wear boots, but I tried on a a pair of Alden Indy Boots, and I noticed that when I laced the top lace-hook tight, there was still about a centimeter of room between the boot any my ankle? The boot fit well in the foot but that seems like a problem. Does the ankle get skinnier if I get a narrower boot? Thanks
I have narrow feet and am interested in the Indy Boot. Do the Alden Indy Boots come in B width? The narrowest that Alden and shoemart lists is a C. However, http://www.rennersbootsshoes.com/al405ibo.html lists a B width. Why would they have B width if Alden doesn't even list it? Thanks!
I just noticed that they do offer a C narrow width on theshoemart.com and the Alden website. I'm guessing that would probably be too wide as well? Are width measurements at all standardized, or is there a chance that this may be sufficiently narrow? Seems my only option to try one would be to order online and then return if it doesn't fit. Thanks for the input!
Hi. I was looking at the Alden Indy boot and was wondering what size you would recommend trying. I have never tried on any pair of Aldens before. I wear a 10b in the Allen Edmonds park ave last. Any suggestions If the Indy boot would fit at all or would it be way too wide. Also any ideas of places where one could try on a pair in wisconsin. Does j crew keep them in their stores ? Thanks for your help
Looks like you put on way too much wax. Also the conditioner may not have dried, or the cream polish may have not dried before you waxed them. Either way you have too much product caked on. Probably the best solution would be to let them dry, then buff them with an off brush for a long while. If you really can't get the wax off that way, you may want to use a leather cleaner like lexol or the sort to get all that wax off.
Hello, Just wondering what the heels are like in the AE "executive" rubber soled shoes. They look like a stacked heel, but are they are just different layers of rubber or the regular kind with wood? Thanks
Aww, I'm in the same boat. I just barely missed out on the first and the second.
The covers are good for messy situations, mostly where one would be wearing scrubs. I wouldn't be wearing my dress shoes with scrubs and would mostly be wearing rubber soled shoes. I realize lots of people enjoy the sound of dress shoes, and I can understand that. Unfortunately being silent would be my preference, so if there is a good quiet heel that could be put on by a cobbler I'll give it a whirl. You're also very right about wearing slippers at home. I do wear...
Sounds like I should get some softer rubber heels to replace the originals. Thanks for your replies.
I've actually got some plastic taps on them and they sound the same as they did originally. These heels are the "stacked" heel with leather, wood and finally rubber. Would they be much more quiet if I had the heels replaced with all rubber heels?
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