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So here is my first attempt - now needing a guide on how to remove
Answer to my own question - marron fonce (Saphir dark brown)On another note, check out the Veal Brandy Dynamic Flex Craftsmans:Very tempted
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Lear - which Saphir polish matches Chestnut the best? (also, I've followed your RM polishing posts in the shoe care thread as well - am going to attempt a shine!)
Try giving them a call. I've never had anything but the best in service from them - they even replaced a pair of boots that I had scuffed - I was just asking how much to have them repair it! (and yes, this was a direct approach to their customer service email address).
I've been lurking in this thread for a while, and own a Dynamic Flex Craftsmans in yearling chestnut and black, as well as a seasonal aztec nubuck craftsman. Decided to take the plunge and order ye olde Forum Special... pics below! *Last pic is my pj's* Very pleased - huge difference in look to the craftsman models. I went with the relaxed formula, and it is a good fit. Any more snug and I feel it would flatten out too much...
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