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Pants are holding up well. It's durable and fits well. No problems so far!
Quote: Originally Posted by therussian The reason why I am thinking about my career kinda harshly from the start is that I have never thought about it before. i was always in the mentality of go to college, get a job. i did that, i got a job, it just feels wrong that i don't have a next step of planned action and the sooner i come up with something and know where i want to be headed, the less likely i would be one of those million people of...
grundletaint, you would look for a property management company to rent out your condo, not a realtor. You can typically expect around 10% for one unit. If you have a lot more units, then the rate goes down.
Instead of asking your boss to provide you more advance work, why not take initiative and just do it?
IMO, you shouldn't focus on the salary potential. Instead, focus on the potential to acquire new knowledge and skills.
Which job will allow you the opportunity to learn the most?
I want to get this forum's opinion on a recent order I placed with CottonWork. I placed my first order with CottonWork and noticed that the sleeve width was not close to my supplied shirt measurements. Specifically, I wanted a 16cm half bicep width but the shirt was 20.5cm. Customer service asked to ship back the shirt and store credit would be issued to cover return shipping costs. I replied with the following message: Quote: CS, Your instructions are...
Chris, Interview as many people as you can across the various functions and asset types. This way, you begin to narrow down the list based on your interest and goals. I'm about to enter the commercial real estate field too and it was because of the numerous people I interviewed that I finally decided that multi-family investment brokerage was what I wanted to begin with.
I'm a minimalist when it comes to carrying cards and cash. No carrying device. Just cards and cash itself. Cards in front pocket. Cash in back.
Try Ross. I found a Rowenta DZ5080 Focus iron there for only $25, more than less elsewhere. It was re-manufactured, but I never had a problem with it. Just a tip: don't try to steam on low settings or else it will leak. You're only supposed to steam on high heat. There's a visual on the knob that tells you when it's appropriate to steam.
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