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I can't help you with the sizes, but if you are buying TM Lewin put their is currently a voucher code CHRISTMAS which gives 15% off. It expires on Monday 3rd December.
My mistake, wrote that response too quickly. You're correct.
I think you can be pretty confident that the TM Lewin collar is 16.25. Their returns policy means I wouldn't have any concerns about buying it and then returning it if you find it doesn't fit. Regarding the comparative sizing. the TM Lewin Fully Fitted shirts tend to be narrower through the chest and the waist than the Charles Tyrwhitt Tailored Fit/Extra Slim Fit, but this is not true for all collar sizes.
+ 1 If you want to look on line, Mr Porter in the UK sell some Brooks Brothers products. But they are charging £155 for shirts! Best avoided. http://www.mrporter.com/Shop/Designers/Brooks_Brothers
Re the question about Mourinho's coat, I'm not 100% sure but I recall the press in the UK saying it was Ermenegildo Zegna.
There is now a Wolverine store at 242 Elizabeth street in New York. It's supposed to be a pop-up. So not sure how long it will be around for.
TM Lewin shirts tend to be around $50. Hugo Boss shirts are around $150 each. With TM Lewin, however, there are multi-buy deals and you can get 4 for $40. TM Lewin also do regular voucher code deals.
It's difficult to give advice without more information, like your precise chest and collar measurements. From my experience the OTR shirts which tailor in the most (i.e have the largest difference between the chest measurement and the waist measurement) are the TM Lewin Slim Fits. If you want the slimmest shirts (i.e. the shirts which have the smallest chest size for a given neck size) then Hugo Boss Extra Slim Fit is the slimmest I have found.
Hi and welcome to Styleforum The Brooks Brothers traditional fit is the largest I have found. They do an 18.5 inch neck which as a chest size of 63.5. They have a shop on Regent Street in London if you are in the south of the UK. Mr. Porter do sell some Brooks Brothers shirts, but they are over-priced and they don't sell the traditional fit. Another alternative is Hawes and Curtis. Their Large and Tall range has a 19 inch collar size, a chest of 61.4 and a waist of...
The same is true for some of the other large shirt makers. For example, TM Lewin Slim Fit shirts go up 2 inches for every 0.5 inch neck size, as does the Charles Tyrwhitt Classic Fit.
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