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I would expect you to have no problems taking the shirt back. I have taken back over a dozen TM Lewin shirts to shops in London and never had any problems.
Apart from Madova and Luciano, does anyone have any other recommendations for glove shops in Florence?
I'm not sure why you think that. I've just been on the TM Lewin site and there are lots of fully fitted shirts which are not non-iron. Two examples arehttp://www.tmlewin.com/Fully-Fitted-White-Poplin-Shirt/40439,en_US,pd.html?start=1&cgid=Mens-Fully-Fitted-Shirtsandhttp://www.tmlewin.com/Fully-Fitted-Blue-Poplin-Shirt/40440,en_US,pd.html?start=8&cgid=Mens-Fully-Fitted-Shirts
As far as I know, Charles Tyrwhitt haven't changed their shirt sizes. They have changed the way they present chest measurements and are now showing a "to fit size" on their website (they used to show garment sizes). I emailed them about this in February 2013 and they said they hadn't changed their sizes.
Flyswatter - you're right. Charles Tyrwhitt have not changed the sizes of their shirts, just the way they present the measurements (I had this confirmed by a Charles Tyrwhitt sales rep on email). Instead of giving the actual shirt measurements they now give a "to fit chest" measurement.You can find the old chest measurements at the link below towards the bottom of the page. The table shows that for the chest measurements the Classic Fit is larger than the Slim Fit which...
How about this shirt from Charles Tyrwhitt?
I think that's a fair criticism. How would you improve the thread?
Both TM Lewin and Charles Tyrwhitt do a 16.5 inch neck and a 38 inch sleeve.
Sidd,welcome to Styleforum. Can you give us some more information on your measurements? That should allow forum members to help you more easily.
For Bistecca alla Fiorentina I can recommend Alessi (Pentola D'Oro) on via di Mezzo 24-26 r (all'angolo con via dei Pepi) - Firenze. If you are in Florence for a while I would recommend heading through to Bologna for the day. Not only is Bologna full of great shops it has some excellent restaurants with Papagallo among my favourites. http://alpappagallo.it/
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