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You might want to have a look at Emmett shirts if you're in London. Unlike many other shirt-makers in London they will make just one made to measure shirt to start. I tried it and was impressed with their first shirt. However, it no longer fits me as well as I have lost some muscle tone :-(
If you are looking for shirts which are slimmer through the chest then the Thomas Pink Super Slim Fit and the new TM Lewin Super Fitted (only available in white) are both slimmer than the Charles Tyrwhitt Extra Slim Fit.
For those interest in slim shirts, TM Lewin have a launched a new shirt called the Super Fitted. It's only available in white at the moment, but from my calculations this and the Thomas Pink Super Slim Fit are amongst the slimmest on the market.,en_US,sc.html
Charles Tyrwhitt do a 15 and 35 in the Slim Fit. Thomas Pink do a 15 and 35.5, if that's close enough.
I have both a Brooks Brothers non-iron Extra Slim Fit and a Charles Tyrwhitt non-iron Extra Slim Fit. When the Brooks Brothers comes out of the washing machine I put it on a hanger and it dries wrinkle free. That doesn't work for the Charles Tyrwhitt shirt. Having said that. I prefer the cut of the Charles Tyrwhitt extra slim fit.
I would expect you to have no problems taking the shirt back. I have taken back over a dozen TM Lewin shirts to shops in London and never had any problems.
Apart from Madova and Luciano, does anyone have any other recommendations for glove shops in Florence?
I'm not sure why you think that. I've just been on the TM Lewin site and there are lots of fully fitted shirts which are not non-iron. Two examples are,en_US,pd.html?start=1&cgid=Mens-Fully-Fitted-Shirtsand,en_US,pd.html?start=8&cgid=Mens-Fully-Fitted-Shirts
As far as I know, Charles Tyrwhitt haven't changed their shirt sizes. They have changed the way they present chest measurements and are now showing a "to fit size" on their website (they used to show garment sizes). I emailed them about this in February 2013 and they said they hadn't changed their sizes.
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