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How about about a TM Lewin super fitted? You can get a 16 inch collar size, 33 inch sleeves and 43 inch chest (garment size). That compares to 44.1 inches around the chest for the CT Extra Slim.
How about a TM Lewin Fully Fitted? 15.5 inch collar and 36 in the sleeves. It's 43.5 in the chest, so which you may find a little tight. The TM Lewin Slim Fit has a bit more space in the chest.
I think the measurements on the websites are correct and should be a good guide. I don't have a 16 inch collar handy, but I just took a BBESF 16.5 inch collar out of the cupboard and measured it. The waist is 45, just as the BB website says. I also just measured a CT ESF 16.5 collar. It's 42 on the waist, just as the website says.
I'd start here for the Florence shopshttp://www.styleforum.net/t/139183/florence-shop-list/0_50
For the Brooks Brothers slim fit 14.5 the figures I have are 42.5 inches for the chest (garment size) and 38 inches for the waist (garment size).
Can you give us a neck size? That will help with sizing advice.
The numbers I have are that the chest measurement (garment size) on a Charles Tyrwhitt ESF 15.5 inch neck is 42.5 inches. If your chest measurement is 40 it will be tight. Opinions vary, but 4 to 6 inches difference between the garment size and the actual chest measurement is typical.
The Brooks Brothers Extra Slim FIt is typically wider (at the chest) than the Charles Tyrwhitt Extra Slim Fit. However, the cuts of the shirts differ for the different neck sizes, so at some neck sizes the BB is slimmer and at other neck sizes the CT is slimmer.The numbers I have are as follows. For the 14.5 inch neck the CT Extra Slim is 40.2 inches at the chest (garment measurement). The BB Extra Slim is 39.5 inches at the chest (garment measurement).
+1. I find cotton twill wrinkles less than other weaves like poplin.
You might want to have a look at Emmett shirts if you're in London. Unlike many other shirt-makers in London they will make just one made to measure shirt to start. I tried it and was impressed with their first shirt. However, it no longer fits me as well as I have lost some muscle tone :-(
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