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What about the newish TM Lewin Super Fitted? For the 15.5 inch collar the TM Lewin Super Fitted is 1.5 inches slimmer through the chest than the CT ESF and 2 inches slimmer through the waist.
Even the TM Lewin Superfitted was too large around the waist? If that's the case don't go for CT. The CT Extra Slim Fit is wider than than the TM Lewin Superfitted around the waist.
Have you tried the "English" brands like Charles Tyrwhitt and TM Lewin? They are cut much slimmer through the waist and chest than BB ESF, or Milano Fit as its now called.
Nick Wheeler say they are made in in India, Romania, Peru and other places. I expect it changes regularly, depending on which factory offers the best price/quality deal at that particular time.
Have you looked at Thomas Pink's Athletic Fit? You sound like the type of customer they are aiming at: http://www.us.thomaspink.com/athleticfit_shirts/mens/fcp-category/list
TM Lewin super fitted. It's about 3 inches narrower than the CT through the chest and waist.
Eton Shirts, Emmett Shirts and Dalvey are some options you might want to consider.
+1 If you're dressing to impress then this is not the shirt to wear.
Jim, you'll need to give us more information before we can help you. What collar size are you, what size are you shoulders, what's your arm length?
I have had some Mandarina Duck carry on luggage for 10 years. It's worked perfectly and still looks like new. They don't make this luggage anymore so, I can't comment on the current range.
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