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Hi, generic questions like this are unlikely to elicit much of a response. You are more likely to get a response if you ask a more detailed question which gives members more detail on what you are looking for. For example: What do you mean by good? Are you talking about quality or price, both? What is your budget? Which other shirts do you like, but cannot buy in earthy tones? What are your measurements? Where you do live? Do you like to shop instore or online?
Just done some quick research and I can't find any brands that do a 31 inch sleeve. 32 is the shortest I can find, supplied by Charles Tyrwhitt and Brooks Brothers.
Go for the 16/32 as that fits on you the sleeve and neck. As for the cut, that depends on your own style preferences. The slim fit garment size is 43 inches on the waist and the classic is 46.75. With five inches between your waist size and the slim fit garment size you should be fine. If the gap were to be below four inches then you are likely to see some bulging around the buttons when you sit down.
16 or 16.5 in the collar and 32/33 in the sleeve length means that you have, compared to the average guy, short arms. That restricts your choices. Off the rack, one option would be the Charles Tyrwhitt Extra Slim fit, which you could get in a 33 inch sleeve and 16.5 collar. If you want it narrower at the waist you could go for Hawes and Curtis, but it will 34 sleeve. If you're wiling to pay $250 then go for a bespoke shirt. Other threads will give you advice on the...
These kinds of questions are very difficult to answer without more information. For me it's not so much about brands, but about what fits you well. I would suggest you take some measurements of your collar size, arm length, chest and waist size and then do some research to see which brands and which cuts (traditional, slim, extra slim etc) are likely to fit you well. That should narrow it down it considerably, probably to two or three brands. Then you can use styleforum...
You're right. The smaller ESF collar sizes are substantially smaller on the chest and waist now.
What about the newish TM Lewin Super Fitted? For the 15.5 inch collar the TM Lewin Super Fitted is 1.5 inches slimmer through the chest than the CT ESF and 2 inches slimmer through the waist.
Even the TM Lewin Superfitted was too large around the waist? If that's the case don't go for CT. The CT Extra Slim Fit is wider than than the TM Lewin Superfitted around the waist.
Have you tried the "English" brands like Charles Tyrwhitt and TM Lewin? They are cut much slimmer through the waist and chest than BB ESF, or Milano Fit as its now called.
Nick Wheeler say they are made in in India, Romania, Peru and other places. I expect it changes regularly, depending on which factory offers the best price/quality deal at that particular time.
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