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Quote: Originally Posted by kookydooky Are the bombers going to be available with the fuzzy collar Answers please???
How does this look? Please be honest.
Look at your private messages.
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl that was not the question... Even though its an option.
How do you guys take care of your leather soled boots? What is the best solution. I want them to last as long as possible. Any help is appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by Oski I'm in the same predicament Probably going with a white striped trim. Not an easy choice to make. KitAkira, the purple is nice and yours too. However, I'll take a safe bet on this one.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one The new 2010 TOJ winter varsity: Here's the list of color combos I want to offer, at first: all-black, solid color trim all-black, with white striped trim all-chocolate brown, solid color trim black body, purple sleeves, black trim with purple or white stripes loden green, tonal loden green sleeves, loden green solid trim light grey body, white sleeves, medium dark grey trim with white stripes navy...
Leather Tee / LS tee Jeans sneakers/boots
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus weekend fit, basically what i wear all the time (leather jacket, white v, jeans, some shoes/boots) Like the jacket. Perfect fit on you. Temple of Jawnz, isnt it? And those boots are nice.
Need knits for winter weather. Just saying, this thread is good.
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