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I don't understand why people say stuff like this. I can fit my stark and A3 under my barbour coat. IIRC I've seen fitpics with Mellowfellow with a vest over his Inverallan and a Barbour layered over his 3A as well. some outerwear are more voluminous than others even if you size accordingly. My 3A is really not that much thicker than most SNS products I've owned and handled.
Hey David, any word on the retailers that will be at northern grade yet?
I sized up to a 42 and it fits perfect. I'm usually a 40 in suits and a medium in uniqlo, gittman, etc.
EG EG Alfred Sargent Inverallan
Up for sale is a gently used grey Patrik Ervell Pocket sweater in a size large. This is the baby alpaca iteration and have been worn less than three times and have no rips, tears, or stains. I'm only selling this because it doesn't get as much wear as I thought they would so my loss is you gain. SOLD Grey Measurements: Pit to pit-21.25" Back length from top collar- 26.25"
The difference with a B&M is that if I purchased something a few days ago and then walked back in the store a few days later they would just refund me the difference as stated on most receipts. If they didn't I would just return the item and rebuy it. It's not like I wore the item. It's still NWT. Anyways I didn't expect you guys to get so defensive lol.
Has anyone ordered from TBS and then a few days later they marked the item down even further? I'm wondering if they will refund me the difference.
Lol I was wondering the same thing. You guys are over complicating this stuff. Just order what you want based on your usual suit size. I ordered a size up and it still fits slimmer than I'd like but it will loosen up.
Received my A3 in the mail today and my first impression is they fit extremely slim. I'm 6'0 160-165 lbs and a 42 was snug on me with just a t shirt on. It seems like it will give a lot but I would suggest sizing up. The quality is on par with my ervell and SNS knits but looking at them side by side you can tell that the inverallan is hand knit which shows that these knitters put into these sweaters.
Actually I've owned the w+h westpoint chinos and they fit quite similar to the Matt pant. So that's a fair comparison to me. I love slim fit and both slouchy fit pants which is why I will pick up both pants. Both have a place in my wardrobe.
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