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Lorcan7, are those the heather grey USN pants? Those have a nice drape and the texture does look cool.
Out of curiosity, how often do you guys condition your calf and cordovan Aldens?
I think he's talking about these bedfords that were released FW13. The elbow patches matched the EG vans.
Expedition has way too many pockets. Superdenim says it has 10 pockets! I think the back pockets ruin it for me. Has anyone over 6'0 tried on the short parka yet?
IIRC @wesley scott tapered a pair of Earl's fatigues and they turned out pretty nice.
XL looks great.
Last few weeks. Took my wife to Nepenthes with me a few weeks ago and she said most of the stuff in there looks like stuff you'd find in a thrift store . That comment brought a smile upon my face . Margaret Howell EG LDT EG 24 oz work jacket Ervell olive cardi Ervell grey pocket sweater EG uniform serge coverall ..
I own both a pocket sweater and a cardigan from this FW season and wear both with trousers, chinos, and denim. The taped placket on the cardigan is awesome and a nice touch. I don't think it makes the sweater any dressier. I'm actually thinking of picking up another cardigan since I love my olive one so much.
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