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The Bureau has it in a small.
Has anyone picked up the windowpane LDT jacket yet? It doesn't seem like many US stockists picked it up.
How do you guys keep the tongue straight on your boots? Mine always twist to the side and never stand up perfect like I see in the pics posted in here.
Best sizing advice IMO.
Daiki is my cousin . Seriously though I only responded the way I did because I get annoyed when people try to turn this thread into the APC thread with the constant sizing questions. It derails the thread especially when there's great sizing advice given if you search a little. I understand that some seasons or even years sizing changes. I have no problem helping someone out with sizing as a few SF members have given my great advice. I just felt we were being trolled...
Don't even give this troll the satisfaction. I hate when random dudes act interested out of the blue in our brand. Let him figure it out on his own.
Looks like I won't be buying shit from the UK if the US dollar drops even more after Thursday.
Seems like a silly question but do you guys iron your duck canvas chinos? I want to wear mine both casually with a tee and slightly dressed up with a blazer and don't know if it's cool to iron them or not. Thanks.
Has anyone received or seen the polka dot andover? I'm wondering if it's light or dark grey.
Thanks didn't know how accurate they were.
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