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Thanks didn't know how accurate they were.
Do you guys wear the same size in the regular fit oxfords as the slim fit or should I size up in the slim fit? I'm a medium in the regular and not sure what to order for slim fits.
Has anyone handled the corduroy long sleeve shirts? Not sure if they are worth it for beaters to work and the weekend once the temp drops. Thanks.
[/quote]Brown CXL would work! Where can I find them? The barrie last seems to work well for me. Thanks Aldenwear I will contact Alden NYC.Edit. Preferably with the double leather sole and not the single flexible sole.
Does anyone know where I can find a pair of PTBs in brown calf on the barrie last? I know Brooks Brothers carries a calf PTB but it's on a slimmer last than the barrie. Thanks.
Mike or anyone who owns the rivet chino duck canvas leaf. I was wondering how close to olive it is in person. Thanks.
Thanks guys. I think I'll try the warm pile liner. I thought the only liner was the quilted vest for some reason.
Speaking of 403s. Do you guys wear your Indy boots with flannel and tweed trousers or are they too dressy for the Indy?
Does anyone have any experience with the zip-in liner for the bedale/beaufort? I'm wondering how much warmer it makes the jacket for the winter.
Toast post a pic of the kelvin robe. I'm pretty sure it's neither the shawl nor the lumber. As the guy said above they send you an invoice once your knit is complete and ready to be shipped.
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