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IIRC @wesley scott tapered a pair of Earl's fatigues and they turned out pretty nice.
XL looks great.
Last few weeks. Took my wife to Nepenthes with me a few weeks ago and she said most of the stuff in there looks like stuff you'd find in a thrift store . That comment brought a smile upon my face . Margaret Howell EG LDT EG 24 oz work jacket Ervell olive cardi Ervell grey pocket sweater EG uniform serge coverall ..
I own both a pocket sweater and a cardigan from this FW season and wear both with trousers, chinos, and denim. The taped placket on the cardigan is awesome and a nice touch. I don't think it makes the sweater any dressier. I'm actually thinking of picking up another cardigan since I love my olive one so much.
. I went to Uniqlo over the weekend and most of the shit there is terrible. I even tried on the new selvage denim and they were paper thin. The only thing I will ever get from them are OCBDs, socks, and draws.
Beautiful grey cardigan worn once and stored folded and never hung. Only selling because I have way too many knits and decided this one needed a good home. Best for a size 38 or 40 chest for a slouchy fit. There's no label tag because I purchased it back in September when they were going through the name change. They gave me the choice of having an Inverallan tag or no tag at all so I opted for the latter. Yours forsold shipped conus. Measurements are as...
I'm guessing CM didn't do too well in 2013. The store in Pentagon CIty is closing the end of this month as well. All sale items are 70% off as well. I went in there the other day and I was informed that everything in store will eventually go on sale in the next few weeks. I did notice on my receipt that all sales are final.
Well FWIW I'm a large in the memento this season and a large in the stark last season. I'm around 6'0 160lbs. The medium babel was way too tight in the shoulders/chest/arms but the large fit just ok. It's gorgeous in person and I really wanted to pick it up but the sleeves were a little to baggy in the large.Now that I think about it I tried on the valid jacket and not the segment. The valid was hugging my body in a large and I'm pretty slim and have a small waist. ...
Need Supply has the SS stock too already. I tried on the babel as well as the segment sweater. I really like the babel cardigan but couldn't stomach paying almost $400 for a sweater that's half merino and half cotton. The segment cardigan is really nice too but the body was way too slim for my liking. I even sized up and it was still too slim.
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