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I agree. I've been wearing my Tasmanian wool trousers weekly for a year and they've held up pretty good for the beating I've put them through at work. I'd only recommend the wool trousers.
Thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately I need a 10. I will give them a call tomorrow and see what they have in stock. I love that makeup with the gold eyelets.
Does anyone know if the J Crew Ludlow shop still has the Ravello longwings still in stock or plan to restock them if they sold out? Thanks.
Thanks guys. Sounds like they are pretty maintenance free then. I'm looking at grabbing the indy chromexcels and the PTBs on the flex sole that are chromexcel. I guess they build character through the wear and tear.
How do you guys keep up your chromexcel Aldens? Can I use Saphir renovateur and polish like I use on my calf Aldens? Thanks.
What's up with all these Jordan's coming out on the 25th? I'm trying to kop the 11 playoffs, 4 blk and reds, and 4 white/cements. What's my by best bet to get all 3?
That fits you spot on. Are the cuffs rolled? I don't understand how on a large the sleeves were too short on me and I'm like 6'0 165. You're way bigger than me and it fits you perfect.
Thanks man I wasn't sure so I had to ask. Brown A2 it is then.
On the verge of kopping my first TOJ leather. Is it ok to wear a blk leather jacket with brown dress shoes for a biz cas outfit? Of course it sounds terrible to me, but not sure if you guys do it and swag it out.
Jet dawg put me on to some balla high tops then . I was under the impression that Pierre Hardy were baller .
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