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I just picked up the black/white houndstooth bedford a few days ago. It's honestly my favorite kop of SS14 so far. I got a few other items coming in over the next few days. EG has gotten all of my money this SS .
Endclothing is notorious for getting hit by duties/customs fees too so take that into account.
Yea I agree the skinny lapels are the only thing holding me back from buying more suits since they fit me so well off the rack. The skinny lapels are indeed very fashion forward compared to other mall brands like club monaco whose lapels are more traditional even with a slim fit. At this point I only buy the sport coats at steep discount for work purposes but I can't see myself buying anymore suits since they rarely go on sale.
Lorcan7, are those the heather grey USN pants? Those have a nice drape and the texture does look cool.
Out of curiosity, how often do you guys condition your calf and cordovan Aldens?
I think he's talking about these bedfords that were released FW13. The elbow patches matched the EG vans.
Expedition has way too many pockets. Superdenim says it has 10 pockets! I think the back pockets ruin it for me. Has anyone over 6'0 tried on the short parka yet?
IIRC @wesley scott tapered a pair of Earl's fatigues and they turned out pretty nice.
XL looks great.
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