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Thanks Ken P! Glad to hear they can work both ways. A cotton navy Bedford is a staple. I'm thinking it can be worn for about 3 seasons on the east coast-sping, summer, and fall. It's lightweight but heavier than tropical wool.
I just picked up the navy bedford from Gary. Excellent customer service as always! At the beginning of the season I said I was only picking up 1 or 2 blazers. Unfortunately I've picked up 4 so far . Do you guys think you can dress up and dress down the tropical wool cinch pants and truman pants? As in wear with sneakers(vans/new balances) and dressier shoes(alden/trickers)?
Ahh you're right . It's only on sale items.
Extra 30% off sale items at steven alan with code sweet30. Offer ends monday 5/26/14.
EG Club Monaco Billykirk Unis Alden
I have the batik andover and it's probably my favorite purchase this SS. I've worn it twice and it gets compliments every time I wear it. It has a nice slim fit and the paisley lining is beautiful. I'm a large in this seasons olive Bedford and the large andover fits perfect. I didn't purchase the foulard but did try it on and it fits identical. The color isn't as "loud" as it looks in pics and I actually like it better in person since the colors are more toned down.As...
Any plans to do another northern grade in the fall? I really enjoyed the one last year. It was great to chat with the vendors and get to know them better in person.
It is very nice looking! I'm not sure how much he sold it for though. If that sample jacket doesn't fit you then you may want to hold out until FW14. EG does have a atleast one corduroy blazer in the lookbook pics I've seen.
Yea it was Fycus that sold that sample blazer not too long ago http://www.styleforum.net/t/375665/engineered-garments-sample-blazer-corduroy-herringbone-wool-leather-suede
Do any of you guys run in the FK racers? I run around 60-70 mpw in the Pegasus and race/speedwork in the lunaracers. I was looking for another shoe to throw into the rotation. I'm tempted to get a pair regardless just to wear casually.
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