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@shingles @canstyleaceI posted this in the WAYWT thread a few weeks ago but forgot to post it here too but here's a fitpic of the navy batik andover. I chose this one over the black batik baker because I wear a lot of neutral colors. It's nice and lightweight and it fits similar to this seasons bedford but of course slimmer. I took a large in this seasons bedford and a large in the andover as well. I'm in love with the paisley lining! I picked mine up from Nepenthes. ...
Mr. Porter sale on-up to 50% off.
Independence has a large with 20% off. Atleast they did yesterday.
Thanks Ken P! Glad to hear they can work both ways. A cotton navy Bedford is a staple. I'm thinking it can be worn for about 3 seasons on the east coast-sping, summer, and fall. It's lightweight but heavier than tropical wool.
I just picked up the navy bedford from Gary. Excellent customer service as always! At the beginning of the season I said I was only picking up 1 or 2 blazers. Unfortunately I've picked up 4 so far . Do you guys think you can dress up and dress down the tropical wool cinch pants and truman pants? As in wear with sneakers(vans/new balances) and dressier shoes(alden/trickers)?
Ahh you're right . It's only on sale items.
Extra 30% off sale items at steven alan with code sweet30. Offer ends monday 5/26/14.
EG Club Monaco Billykirk Unis Alden
I have the batik andover and it's probably my favorite purchase this SS. I've worn it twice and it gets compliments every time I wear it. It has a nice slim fit and the paisley lining is beautiful. I'm a large in this seasons olive Bedford and the large andover fits perfect. I didn't purchase the foulard but did try it on and it fits identical. The color isn't as "loud" as it looks in pics and I actually like it better in person since the colors are more toned down.As...
Any plans to do another northern grade in the fall? I really enjoyed the one last year. It was great to chat with the vendors and get to know them better in person.
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