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+1 I would love to get my hands on that chesterfield. I swear I could get by for the rest of my life on 3 EG coats. It would be a field jacket or bal coat for warm weather and can handle SS showers, field parka for harsh winters, and a chesterfield or duffle as a wool coat that I could dress up.
Cool thanks for the advice. These sound like exactly what I'm looking for at the moment.
Greetings Alden fans. I was wondering if anyone has the J Crew perforated cap toe bluchers and can comment on what they wear them with? I was looking at picking these up to wear with mainly chinos, occasionally wool trousers, and an ocbd. I rarely wear suits so these would be mainly for business casual with an odd sportcoat every now and then. I know these are a blucher but the captoe makes me think these are more formal. ...
Steven Alan has it in a large but its not on sale.
Do you guys usuallly take the same size in the vests that you do in the sport coats? I'm thinking of picking up a truman vest. I've noticed with the short sleeve shirts that I can size down but the long sleeve shirts I can't size down or the sleeves will be too short.
Common Projects Vintage Achilles low in white size 43. sold shipped conus. Worn less than three times and I've used shoe trees after each use. Shoe trees are not included. Black vintage sold All wht achilles sold
Wow you guys put me onto something new. I never thought about tucking in the pockets to the Andover. I honestly like them out though as I mostly wear my blazers with denim or chinos very casually. I must admit they do look nice tucked in the way canstyleace wears them in all his pics. @Mbaum you've done some damage this season. I thought I bought too much EG this season but you have me beat. Looks good on you. @El QUaGthat batik collection looks great! Looking forward...
@shingles @canstyleaceI posted this in the WAYWT thread a few weeks ago but forgot to post it here too but here's a fitpic of the navy batik andover. I chose this one over the black batik baker because I wear a lot of neutral colors. It's nice and lightweight and it fits similar to this seasons bedford but of course slimmer. I took a large in this seasons bedford and a large in the andover as well. I'm in love with the paisley lining! I picked mine up from Nepenthes. ...
Mr. Porter sale on-up to 50% off.
Independence has a large with 20% off. Atleast they did yesterday.
New Posts  All Forums: