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Up for sale are gently used SS14 EG ripstop bedfords in olive in a size large. I'm very sad to let these go but I need more dressier blazers now and have to let these go. They've both been well taken care of and have no rips, stains, or tears and have been stored in a smoke free home. It's a SS blazer but the weight of it is quite heavy and thick so I'd be quite comfortable wearing it year round. sold shipped conus
Shameless plug but I'm selling a bunch of gently used EG items. @accordion I have a large navy batik Andover. @Cotton Dockers check out my round collar floral. Worn once.
Up for sale are some EG pieces I've accumulated both recently and over the past year or so. I just recently accepted a new job and have to dress more CM and won't have the freedom to dress in the cool stuff I once could before. My loss is your gain. All garments have been stored in a smoke free home and have been worn less than a handful of times. I'm willing to work out a deal if you buy multiple items. Lafayette pineapple shirt-Size medium sold shipped Round...
Thanks for the advice again guys. You've been really helpful. One last question-Can the datejust in 36mm, oyster with date be worn with both a suit and jeans/t-shirt? I really want something that I can wear with just about anything. I know this won't be my last watch but I would like my first one to be as versatile as possilbe. I don't plan on making a decision right away.
The sad thing is I tried all 3 on today and couldn't come to a conclusion. I wanted them all. I will take my time and bring the wife with me next time. From the pics I've showed her she loves the DJ with the jubilee over the others. She hates larger watches and I already have a cheap J Crew timex that's 36mm and she says the size is perfect on me. I'll definitely take my time and post some pics in here once I make my purchase . Lots of good info in here.
That's the exact reason why I sold my Inverallan. Lovely knit but was ridiculously itchy even with an ocbd underneath. Everyone's sensitivity to knits are different though.
Sounds like I've got some deciding to do. Thanks for your help guys. It''s nice to know that whatever I choose will fit the bill. For some reason I assumed the datejust was dressier since it's not as sporty as the sub and yactmaster.
I actually like the yellow gold and stainless steel datejust, although I know this forum favors all gold or stainless, and with the sub and yachmaster I would go all stainless steel. I love the jubilee bracelet on the datejust but like the larger face and thickness of the sub/yachmaster.
Greetings my fellow watch enthusiasts. I'm looking at purchasing my first real watch and I've pretty much narrowed it down between the following: Rolex datejust Rolex submariner date Rolex yachmaster I rarely wear suits other than the occasional interview, funeral, and sometimes to church but I'm mostly in chinos and ocbd for work. Which watch would be the most versatile as a first purchase? Thanks.
Hmm sounds like the calvary twill will be a little more of what I'm looking for. I have the navy ripstop from SS14 so there's no need for two cotton navy blazers. I also agree the brown homespun looks nice as well.
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