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Do you guys wear your Indy boots year round?
Have any of you guys ever wore escobars with margiela GATs before? I've worn mine with CPs so far but not sure how they look with GATs
EG John Elliott Ervell
Anyone notice how they removed all of the pocket sweaters today on the Ervell Website?
Hey guys I was wondering if they'll be any USN pants this season? I did s search in the thread and nothing came up. Thanks.
I'm close to your height and weight at 6'1" 165. I ordered a large in this jacket yesterday from the corner. I've tried on a sweatshirt from this season in a medium and it was too small so I figured I would be a large. I'll let you know how it fits once I receive it. It looks like BeraQueezy nailed his sizing.
Do you guys generally take the same size in the ludlow coats as you do in the ludlow blazers?
The Unis sale is over. It was an anniversary sale only for 24 hrs on November 20th.
Has any picked up or seen in person the tech varsity jacket? The price point is pretty attractive considering it's around the same price as the windrunner.
Who pays full retail for GATs? At worst you could've gotten 20% off from TBS for not paying VAT tax. Not to mention they just had 20% off codes ass well.
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