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Do GATs or CPs look better beat up? I've only seen beat up CPs and they looked pretty cool.
What's wrong with them? I have the vintage chinos and they are a good bang for your buck at the sales price.
Lol I can't even imagine caseyfud saying "finna" . You dudes are mad funny. I can actually see Mikey saying it in a noncholant way. Since he has #swag.
I'm a large and mine fits just like this. I'm the same height and weight. There's no way a medium would fit me.
FWIW I'm the same size in the old stark and the new stark. The new stark is just shorter in length.
What retailers are stocking the concrete stark other than unionmade? One more stark and I'm done with cardis for this season.
I agree that the stark is really thick but it's easy to layer under outerwear like the barbour beaufort and bedale that's not cut really slim. That's my plan all winter.
Has anyone on SF ever made a hierarchy of knits by the brand? I've read all pages of the epicurean knit thread and know most of the baller brands but I'd like to see someone compose a list of baller brands and average/above mall brand. Sorry if this has already been discussed .
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