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First post in this thread. Ervell RRL Margellons
How do you add an item to your cart on the Ervell website? I keep clicking purchase and it takes me to a page that says "your shopping cart is empty."
Need Supply has a small holmes.http://needsupply.com/mens/brands/s-n-s-herning/stark-65653.html
What knit is that Toast?
I'm assuming that's just the inside? Forgive my noobness to tapering denim.
Yeap kopped the white ones .
MMM velcros are very tempting but something about them look kiddy or even orthapedic.
If I have a pair of selvedge jeans tapered, Can a tailor do so without removing the selvedge line?
What threak did I just stumble upon? I 'm fukkin with Kendrick Lamar right now. The west coast is back. Pusha is the new Jadakiss. He's a great rapper and has the punchlines but will never make it over the hump to actually make it without being hood rich. Hood rich niccas have their following but will never be the P diddys or 50 cent moguls.
How are you guys sizing the +J coat? I'm guessing size up to fit a chunky knit under.
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