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Has La Garconne issued a sales code yet? I did a search in this thread but couldn't find anything.
Has anyone purchased or handled the down 4way coat? I'm looking for a cheap winter coat.
Do GATs or CPs look better beat up? I've only seen beat up CPs and they looked pretty cool.
What's wrong with them? I have the vintage chinos and they are a good bang for your buck at the sales price.
Lol I can't even imagine caseyfud saying "finna" . You dudes are mad funny. I can actually see Mikey saying it in a noncholant way. Since he has #swag.
I'm a large and mine fits just like this. I'm the same height and weight. There's no way a medium would fit me.
FWIW I'm the same size in the old stark and the new stark. The new stark is just shorter in length.
New Posts  All Forums: