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I agree 100% hence the sarcasm meter .
In and out is overrated. Five Guys is better holmes. I was like you a few months ago was disappoint with In and out.Swap out clarks for hmmm sidezips and rock a schneider knit over white tee=30 thumbs up (5)
I haven't been in a few months but they've had alden, quoddy, new balance, tretorn, red wing, etc. for a few years now. The last time I went they had the alden chukkas, indy boots, and longwings. If you go be sure to check out the barbour store across the street. It's pretty impressive.
IMO the georgetown store has the best selection out of all the J Crews in nova/DC area. They have all the third party products like belstaff, barbour, thomas mason, etc plus a wider selection of J Crew products.
How do you guys usually size the MIJ slim fits?
I love the fit of the vintage chinos. IMO they are between a classic fit and slim fit but aren't a relaxed fit. my size 32 has a 8 inch leg opening and around a 12 inch thigh. I got mine hemmed but honestly I wouldln't do that again and would just double cuff next time. I wish they were a little more tapered but I just wear them with chunkier footwear to compensate for the larger leg opening.
Wow I didn't know this. Thanks.
When something sells out online why don't you guys just go through suddenlee instead of waiting for a restock?
Is this an EG blazer? If so which one?
I received my first EG product in the mail today, the field parka, and I'm impressed with the details and quality of this jacket. I'm sure this will keep me warm into the 30's or maybe lower. I ordered a large and I'm around 6'0 165 and there's not much room for layering much more than a thin knit. despite the fit not being as slouchy as I wanted I'm extremely happy. I don't see how you larger guys fit into EG because the shoulders are quite small considering the chest...
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