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Yea I visited all 3 uniqlo's last week in NYC and the only thing I kopped were socks and briefs. Everything else seemed not even worth it. I tried on the ocbds, knits, and outerwear and honestly I'd just keep my dough and kop something better.
Toast I'm surprised you don't have any SS knits. I thought you would've grabbed an Ijevan during the sales.
Thanks guys I think I'm sending it back. If anyone wants it for $120 plus shipping I will be more than happy to pass on a good deal to another SF member. Otherwise I'm sening it back to the corner. This is more than half off fellas.
Not sure whether or not to keep this Ervell baseball sweater or not. The sleeves look short to me. It's a large so an extra large will be too big. Keep or return ?
I've been thinking the same thing on all of his fitpics the past week or so
I do agree that they do wrinkle like crazy in the washing machine. I wouldn't wear them anywhere without running the iron across them after washing. They wrinkle way more than my rugby and J crew OCBD's which are comparable price wise.
Toast you're overthinking all of this holmes. I've been wearing my OCBD's weekly for atleast 6 months now and they're fine. I wash them every week and never dry them. I aways hang dry them and then iron them and always get a nice collar roll and have never experienced any creases that can't be ironed out. BTW I'm talking about the regualr OCBD's. I have pink, white, blue and they all have aged the same.
It wouldn't be a stark then homie. Embrace the popped collar. That's what I love about my stark honestly is the popped collar.
I really like this fit but honestly your EG blazer is a size or two too small. You got many thumbs ups so I'm sure everyone will disagree with me.
someone please enlighten me on this pinroll technique. I see Benes roll is mad sloppy but never knew what a pinroll is.
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