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I'm close to your height and weight at 6'1" 165. I ordered a large in this jacket yesterday from the corner. I've tried on a sweatshirt from this season in a medium and it was too small so I figured I would be a large. I'll let you know how it fits once I receive it. It looks like BeraQueezy nailed his sizing.
Do you guys generally take the same size in the ludlow coats as you do in the ludlow blazers?
The Unis sale is over. It was an anniversary sale only for 24 hrs on November 20th.
Has any picked up or seen in person the tech varsity jacket? The price point is pretty attractive considering it's around the same price as the windrunner.
Who pays full retail for GATs? At worst you could've gotten 20% off from TBS for not paying VAT tax. Not to mention they just had 20% off codes ass well.
Do any of you guys know how much the tech fleece sweats stretch from the knee down? I recently picked up a pair and from the knee up fits perfectly in my normal size but from the knee down is pretty tight and fitted. I don't want to size up because I'm sure a large will give my butt the diaper look.
Sorry lol! Maybe my method of searching wasn't that good. I don't intend on babying them at all as I plan to mostly wear them with khaki, grey, and olive chinos casually. I'll do another search and check out the thread you pointed out. Thanks for your help .
Hey Alden fans. I've done a search in this thread but can't seem to find an answer how to care for navy chromexcel. I'm looking at picking up a pair of Alden PTB in navy chromexcel and not sure if I can use shoe polish or what products to use on it. Thanks guys.
Up for sale are gently used SS14 EG ripstop bedfords in olive in a size large. I'm very sad to let these go but I need more dressier blazers now and have to let these go. They've both been well taken care of and have no rips, stains, or tears and have been stored in a smoke free home. It's a SS blazer but the weight of it is quite heavy and thick so I'd be quite comfortable wearing it year round. sold shipped conus
Shameless plug but I'm selling a bunch of gently used EG items. @accordion I have a large navy batik Andover. @Cotton Dockers check out my round collar floral. Worn once.
New Posts  All Forums: