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Hmm good point. For some reason I thought SS was a lot more than the ludlow line but they are similar in price. I'm going to try out SS and see how well they fit me compared to J Crew.
For someone starting off their business wardrobe that already has a grey and navy suit, are J Crew sportcoats ok? I know the quality isn't the greatest but they fit me perfectly OTR. I only wear suits to weddings, funerals, and job interviews. I rarely wear suits and would like to pick up sportcoats and not anymore suits. Thanks.
Thanks I'll try a half size up from my barrie size. It's amazing how everyone sizes Aldens differently. I measure a 11C on the brannock but all of my barrie lasted Aldens are 10D. 10.5D are way too big for me but it sounds like it will fit with the PCT.
How do you guys size the J Crew PCT boots? I know it's on the barrie last but I sort of remember reading in the past that they fit a little different.
@diniroI'm usually a medium in Ervell pocket sweaters and a large in his shirting. I ordered both a medium and large and the medium was way too small. The large fit perfectly with room to layer.BTW if anyone wants the medium let me know before I send it back.
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Wow I didn't know so many of you wore boots year round. Last year I boxed up Indy boots and wing tip boots around may last year and didn't bring them back out until October. Looks like I'll get more wear out of my boots this summer . Thanks for the responses everyone.
Do you guys wear your Indy boots year round?
Have any of you guys ever wore escobars with margiela GATs before? I've worn mine with CPs so far but not sure how they look with GATs
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