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Wow thanks for the responses guys. I initially wanted a sub no date as my first watch but chose the OP due to the price and the fact that I fell in love with the OP once I tried it on. Sub no date is a little above my budget right now but I will as it to the collection at some point. Tigerpac-the speedmaster is a really nice watch but it didn't speak to me when I tried it on. To the guys that recommended JLC and Tudor I'll look into them. I don't know much about those...
Thanks fellas I was thinking of just sticking with rolex but wasn't sure. I thought about the explorer since it has a black face and my OP has a grey face. If Panerai is going to look that much bigger then it's not going to fit the style I want. I like sleeker watches that don't draw a lot of attention.
Hello TWAT members. Almost a year ago I picked up a Rolex oyster perpetual and I absolutely love it! I wear it pretty much everyday with everything from a suit to jeans and a T shirt. I'm starting to get the urge to buy another watch and I'm open to any suggestions 6K or below. I wear suits only once or twice a month so I'd like something that is pretty casual but can still be worn with a suit. I have 7" wrists and like watches on the plain side. I like the looks of...
Thanks! There's no way I can choose a favorite. I try to rotate them daily so they all get worn a lot. As mentioned above the tweed is quite thick. It's even thicker than the brown/green herringbone. I've worn them all indoors except the tweed and was comfortable with just an ocbd underneath. I've also worn them with temps as low as the 30's with just an ocbd underneath and a CDW vest on top.Has anyone seen the navy field parka available in a size medium? I still...
Maybe I'm in the minority but I don't understand the hate for the new sizing of SNS. I'm over 6ft and have the new stark and just picked up the homeostasis crew and they both are pretty long in length. I think to get a nice slouchy fit you need to size up. I'm usually a medium in most brands but take large in SNS. I guess it also helps that I'm really thin too so if you're a larger guy you may have to size up 2.
Thanks for your help guys. I'll probably try one out and plan to wear it untucked. On another note Nepenthes is now 50% off everything except outerwear .
For you taller guys, are you able to tuck in your 19th century shirts due to the gussets and how high the lowest button is? From the comment above it sounds like they're best worn untucked for guys over 6ft like myself.
It was still 30% off when I called yesterday.
After taking a year off from EG I managed to get 4 blazers this season . Not sure how that happened. After picking up the olive moleskin bedford, navy uniform serge bedford, and the brown/green herringbone bedford I contacted Nepenthes the other day and they just so happened to have the grey wool tweed beford on sale in my size. I couldn't pass . Gary please start the SS thread before I spend too much on sale items. I need to save for SS .
I like them. I had both the Columbia 4's and the oreo 4's last year and I was impressed by the tumbled leather NIke did. I'd say cop especially if you have a coupon/code.
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