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Thanks razl--the original sale didn't generate many replies either. The shoes might be too down the line for gents here? Wish they fit better, they look great.
I bought these from forum member zielschuss hoping to make the size work, but the last is just a little too narrow. My loss/your gain. These are a beautiful, modern take on the classic captoe. Perfect for business or formal and in ernest-approved black. Heel-toe length comes in at 30.2cm (11.89") and width at the widest part at the ball of the foot is 10.7cm (4.21"). Marked as a UK 8.5 but I'd say they fit closer to US 9 than 9.5. Local NYC pickup strongly preferred; I...
Incorrect, both of youse.I'm in, will do my best to bring reinforcements.
50EU = 40R US 25EU = 40S US 100EU = 40L US Extrapolate from there.
Checking in to join everyone's congratulations and excitement. Amazing stuff Greg & team!
TJ, don't know how this has become so much of a discussion. With your price range/age, it's WV or bust. Is the PATH really a secret?
Not as recently as Friday, but yeah Been back a month or so.
Did this happen? Friday was no good for me, this week is better.
I was there in March so had the opposite problem. I would guess that Cappadocia will be hot, Ephesus being on the sea will be more moderate. From upthread, I disagree with Augusto on Efes beer and staying in Sultanahmet. I would stay in Galata if I were going back. It is at the more interesting end of Istiklal, with all of the outdoor cafes. Istiklal itself is similar to the pedestrian zones in many of the second rate European cities, but the alleyways off it can...
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 I just finished reading Long Way Down, about Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman's trip from Scotland to Cape Town, SA. Great book. Has anyone seen the series? Thinking about picking it up on Amazon. Didn't read either book, saw both series. Long Way 'Round seemed less contrived, but both were excellent.
New Posts  All Forums: