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YesIndependence has it in the US. If out of your size, they can order it for you
^and to add to your list, Independence in Chicago has FWK Also a wide mens assortment of EG
Independence has first shipment - including some shirting, gurkha shorts, and baker jackets
Oak Street Bootmakers Vibram Camp Boots on sale - 30% off and of course FREE SHIPPING Take a peek! We're keeping it quiet for now to give StyleForum guys the first chance to nab their size before things start to sell out!
hmmm - normally you'd be 8.5 brannock, 8 barrie. I think 8 should do the trick - and cordovan doesn't stretch like chromexcel - but will conform a bit in width
Hey guys, Wanted to let you know that we're having our first sale - ever
Introducing the Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Chukka and Trench Oxford Free Shipping Worldwide for StyleForum members To place an order to reserve your size before the shoes are released to the public later today, please email us at with your billing and shipping information along with your credit card type, number, and expiration. You may also call us if you would like at 630.668.0867 Or, you can pay via paypal:...
I talked to Angelo about that when we did our buying for Independence - you're correctwe'll put stuff up as soon as it arrives
Thank you! You summed it up best - we really did set out to make 'the best looking boot, period!" and I think - we may have done it =)
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