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Goose - thank you for posting that. We hated that they needed to be replaced, but happy that we made it right for you misterjuiceman- What do you want? What can I do for you? I even gave you my personal phone # but haven't heard from you We use both 5.5-6oz and 6-7oz Horween leather depending on the style/pattern. Being in Chicago allows us the close to connection to Horween that i've talked about in the past (will head there in a few minutes to look at our...
We always strive to be a better brand tomorrow than we are today. That means working closely with Horween to discuss grain, weight and consistency (i'll be at Horween later today). Also means working with our factories (where i'll be next week) to continue to improve and address the needs and concerns of our customers. Always working to be betterHey Subutai - we don't have plans for E width since shoes, as others have suggested, are generous in width. I'm borderline E...
saw this on twitter and instagram - he bought them a few days ago from Gramercy. I'm with you - would like to see more pics in the wild!
Cathpah - well said. We spoke with szad-negaah and resolved the issue. Thank you for helping put this to rest. Looking forward to continued positive discussion
Timothy from Independence snapped a worn selfie:
Hey Anrobit - I don't have a photo of the toe, because quite frankly, I didn't see a reason to photograph the toe =)unrelated - i owe you an email - will reach out shortly
Hey guys, The crinkling that you see is from inseaming. Cordovan is tough and doesn’t lay flat. A lot of shoe makers use a storm welt on cordovan boots to cover this. My personal pair is this same way - never considered it, and it has since laid flat. I just spoke with Nick Horween about it also - shared the photo. Nick asked if there were size 10, because he’d buy them. We both agree, it’s not a defect, but for some, maybe it’s an aesthetic thing. There is no...
This is how we last and inseam Cordovan. Szad - enjoy your boots - absolutely stunning - and in your words, agreed, "absolutely stunning" =) Natty shell requires hand polishing. I personally hand polished each pair before shipping out - with a bit of help from Nick Horween =) Couldn't be more happy with them - the time, effort and love that went into each pair is quite astounding
We actually don't photograph them - but that's a good idea - we should!
We absolutely can do this for you. We've been taking custom orders for the past 6 months or so.Shoot us an email - we can definitely make you this pair =)
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