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bump to $105 shipped!
Bump and $110 shipped!
Paypal only Cash or Trades M clothing. 9.5-10 in shoes. 32 in pants. I do not want hats or denim. Retail is $150. THESE ARE BRAND NEW. NEW SHOE SMELL STILL. Size 10 $105shipped and they are yours
$210 shipped!!!!
For sale or trade. Paypal only. PM ME I have several feedback on Superfuture and other sites. Common Projects in 41 or 42. Supreme in M Anything else in M (or a small L) 9.5-10 Light grey CP ACHILLES LOW. 43. No original box but I will provide one. Leather is butttter and no flaws at all. Midsole is little dirty but can be cleaned off. Apologies for the shitty pics but best I can do at the moment... $230 shipped or best offer!!
Around $200. Used is fine. Achilles in white is preferred. pm me
Check your pms
i pmd you regarding the sexi08's
They will be fine without Boozer for 2 months.. Still top 3 team in the East without him.
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