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the current season insulated field jackets run big. I'd consider the medium for non insulated but for insulated you are definitely not a medium. check the measurements on mrporter.com, they are the most accurate. good deal on this coat at eastdane.com too
go to thecorner.com click on designers, click on arcteryx
yeah it's a great coat. the goretex makes it much more wearable when its not too hot. this season they made the arms a little better positioned too. I'd definitely get a small, especially if you are 5'8". but the xs is probably too small. http://www.thecorner.com/us/men/jacket_cod41593382wl.html use code TCCYBER15 to get it for around $560-590 depending on taxes
if you are willing to try the dark blue you can get it for under $600 on the corner. I'd say you are probably an S but you might be able to fit in an XS. I am a 38 S in most suits and went with the XS.
I think you might be an S - try both if you can I am XS in the insulated and regular field jacket but S in everything else I've tried. the insulated field jackets kind of balloon out at the bottom - check the mr. porter size guide, which is pretty accurate
it's kind of disappointing that the new down node loses the crazy collar of the original for a more traditional collar and hood combo. but thankfully they also took off the terrible chest pockets from last season
Here's my AV wardrobe: Align - Ordesa Green Node - Olive Green Isogon - Copper I really like the neptune color for this season. gonna see what's still around when the sales kick in.
^^ $573 with the code - pretty solid deal
had the context boots for about three weeks and they are starting to break in they appear to be rolling rather than creasing, much like shell photos:
here's my context boots. first vibergs, echoing the others, I'm very impressed.
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