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might as well add my context boots too - less the shine:
here are my Context boots at 5 months in very happy with these. they were very long in breaking in but are feeling great now. very happy with the leather's development.
that Veilance Node in S is a good deal on END, though I bet the customs will be massive
I have a brand new, ginger tweed, Nigel Cabourn wide lapel jacket in size 48 for sale. This is from Fall/Winter 2013. It has functional sleeve buttons, silk lined sleeves, and a nice think tweed fabric. Good for colder weather. The little pin thing on the lapel is removable, if it's not your style. I think this fits about the same as a Mallory in 48. If you are a Suitsupply 38 (in the Sienna or other standard fits), it will work for you. Feel free to ask any questions...
thanks! only way I could afford this many. the cigars were actual Adam from AoC's seconds rather than shoemart. miss the days when you could go to his site and find stuff like that on hand!
here's my alden collection back row (from left) color 8 plain toe boot / anatomica via seconds, suede LWB on crepe / alden DC, black calf shortwing commando / alden of carmel front row (from left) color 8 LWB waterloc sole / leffot via seconds, red-ish cigar LWB / alden of carmel second, whiskey shortwing / alden DC I wear the boot, cigar LWB, and suede LWB the most, but hoping to get a new job where I'll wear them all more often
it's a cloudy day unfortunately but they do lighten up a lot in direct light. definitely on the darker end of the whiskey spectrum, though. I'm happy about that, as a very light pair in this style would maybe be too casual
just scored some floor model whiskey shortwings from Alden DC this more than makes up for missing out on a whiskey shoe from the irregular list now I'm done buying shoes for 2016
my whiskey ptb's from the list (9D) ended up being just color 8's - I'm sending them back
if you use a water defense spray with suede it lasts much longer
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