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yep, crepe sole. I think it is an underrated choice - it's extremely comfortable to stand and walk in
continuing the suede longwing trend these were a special make up for alden DC. snagged their last pair brand new on clearance for $300
Here's a 1 year old pair of shadows next to a new pair. Thanks to blue owl for the sale (2x)
there might have been more in - I just asked if I could have one in either of those sizes
they had 9's and 9.5's (which I was hoping to buy) but the waitlists excceeded the number of boots in both cases I'm hoping some end up on the seconds list, that's the only way I can afford them anyway
spring suede picked these up from alden dc for super cheap - last pair of a special makeup ps a small number of those waiting on cigar grant boots should be getting calls monday - I saw a pair in the store and they looked fantastic
I have three suitsupply suits - 2 siennas and 1 london really love the sienna fit - need to get the london jacket shortened though
the modified boots were shoemart seconds, marked down to $200 for a leather crack in the upper part of the boot. originally for a French company, can't remember the name
here's my color 8 modified boots
For your consideration: This is a lovely Donegal tweed suit by Patrik Ervell from the FW 2010 collection. It has functional buttons (maybe horn, I can't recall), slim cut, and excellent feeling materials. It's been worn ~15 times. It's in excellent shape. I am too fat to pull it off. Note that I got the sleeves shortened by exactly 1 inch and the pants hemmed. So be sure to read the measurements carefully. Here they are: JACKET (flat on a table): pit-to-pit: 20.5...
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