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They do that coat every year. It isn't nearly as fitted as the model makes it look. At the end of the season, I've seen them marked down to $100 - $150. The quality of the wool and construction is OK but nothing top-of-the-line. If you can't wait for them to mark it down, I would go elsewhere if you're going to spend that much.
I am the eBay seller of these pants. For some reason I thought Incotex made Vestium, and so I listed the pants as such on eBay. I refunded the buyer’s bids on both auctions when he informed me of my error and reposted the pants as “Vestium by Mabitex.” It was an honest mistake. These are impeccably made pants that I believe rival Incotex. Yes, I purchased them at Daffy’s, which also sells Incotex. Unfortunately, Daffy’s receives these pants (Incotex and Vestium) with...
Syms has a super helpful staff that's uncommon for such a discount store. Plus they offer on-the-spot alterations for a reasonable price. There are two locations: one in the Financial District, and another on 54th and Park.
I just bought three pairs of Paul & Shark warmer orange pants. You either like or hate the color. How to wear them? With a self-deprecating sense of humor. Orange pants help eradicate taking oneself too seriously. You can't go wrong pairing them with a blue oxford, since the two colors complement each other. White- or natural-colored shirts also work well, as does brown in the fall (but never black, unless you want to look like a pumpkin).
Lands' End has a nice-looking one in a Tailored Fit for under $300. Here's the jacket: And the pants: If I were buying a seersucker suit, this is the one I'd buy. And if it doesn't fit, you can always return it to Sears for a refund.
A few years back I owned a pair of Orange Label burgundy shoes that were a cross between sneakers and walking shoes. They looked really cool, and they were a good price. Big mistake. The shoes, I soon discovered, were poorly made and incredibly uncomfortable. I remember one rainy night tying them and the lace broke, and I painfully hobbled home swearing I would never buy designer shoes again. In short: don't do it.
I'm a newbie to SF, and have enjoyed reading others' comments but never posted myself. So thanks in advance for reading this post. I've bought and sold plenty of Polo Ralph Lauren on eBay, and would say I'm more familiar with the Polo brand than with any other line of clothing. I know eBay has a problem with fake merchandise, and that others have posted about it before. Nothing frustrates me more than seeing stuff like this on...
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