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1. Donald Trump Dress Shirt, wrinkles and all. 2. Zino suit coat, hadn't heard of it but it was three bucks and made in Italy. 3. Two Brooks Brothers Ties (Red Striped and Blue Striped) 4. Brooks Brothers White Dress Shirt 5. A picked up a bunch of Ralph Lauren Stuff, this blue light cotton shirt, some cotton light blue stripped pants (I'm not sure what they are) and two suit coats, one is a green label and the other is Ralph by Ralph Lauren that is pretty...
It does feel like a light velvet, but is textured with raised dots.
What is the raised button=like green fabric called? There is also another tag that reads " Gentlemen's Quarter" And yes it is a dark olive green. Yes, mother lode... how frightful.
What is this, and is it worth anything? I found the mother load at a thrift store the other day, and picked up some insane finds this is one of them! I am unfamiliar with what it is exactly, a little help?
Also a Profilo suit coat, Donna Karan suit coat, and an assortment of Peter Millar ties. All suits and suit coats are around 44L and look hardly if ever worn. Pocket squares still untouched. Oh also, a Luis Vuitton Pocket square.
I found a so many awesome things the other day. I'm sure they were all from the same person. My town is so small I even know who dropped them off... anyway. Two Hermes ties, Zenga tie, Roda tie, A Canali dinner Jacket, several House of Carrington Suits, Ferre suit coat... Will trade if anyone is interested posted pics of Canali and Hermes ties.
Too big for me will Trade for Suit or Jacket of Similar Value I am a 42 R. Also, always looking for nice shoes, at 9 1/2.
For Sale or Trade I am a 42r for Suits 16 1/2 neck, and Shoe Size 9 1/2 More Pictures Available on Request
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