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If you can find them on B&S/ebay and know your measurements, one of brooks brothers' slimmer models (milano/fitzgerald/regent) or polo blue label seem to me a good place to look. This is a bit dangerous though as you can't return them, but offers the best bang/buck reward. Waiting for a sale on these to try in-store will get them for a little over your budget. The ehaberdasher suits seem like great values also, which you can return if it doesn't fit right. This might be a...
Payment sent for a set of 3b buttons!
Just a heads up; I got the RL Signature jacket (by Corneliani). The coat is beautiful but it's a little short on me. If anyone wants it let me know! posted with permission of OP
hi i'm looking at your baroni suit. i don't understand how its a 41 pit to pit measurement. that would be about right for a 38 or maybe 40, but you're saying its a 42L. did you have the chest taken way in or something?
The sleeves are pretty good on me, so no I don't consider them short. I wear a 15.5/34 shirt for reference
yes single vent!
still available
sleeves are non-functional with another inch to let out or so. pants are pleated
Tom James Executive mid grey suit. fully canvassed and great condition. asking $90 shipped to CONUS jacket: shoulders: 18.5 Chest: 20 Back (from bottom of collar): 31.5 Sleeves: 24.5 Pants: 34.5/31.5
Paul Stuart 38R charcoal grey stripe suit made by Samuelsohn. Asking $180 shipped in CONUS Measurements: Jacket shoulders: 18 chest: 40 waist: 38 sleeves: 24.5 BOC: 30 Pants: pleated and uncuffed waist: 34 length: 31.75 (inch to let down)
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