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The Radcliffe pant is Oxxford's slimmer pant, I believe. It can come in reverse pleats or flat front, however, so make sure you look at the auction listing to the extent that detail is important for you. I'd call it a moderately slim pant. Just ask the seller for measurements if you need them. The Type A and 1220 shoulders have virtually no padding -- just a very thin layer.
Wow, this is nit-picking in the extreme. I think Citan's fits are outstanding. A more structured coat wouldn't jibe with the aesthetic he's going for, in my opinion.
The "Radcliffe" reference could be to the pants. It could be a suit with a "Type A" coat and "Radcliffe" pants. Tony, it's interesting that you say the 1220 is cut on the same pattern as the Highest Quality Type A. I have both and, while almost identical, I did find the shoulders on the 1220 fit more cleanly on my shoulder line. Maybe I am imagining things though. Either way, it's a great cut -- trim and very soft.
Oh, and I would not size up or down in either model.
They are very close. For me, type A is a bit narrower in the shoulders -- but only just bit. Type A may also be more suited to people with sloped shoulders. The 1220 quality is pretty indistinguishable from type A for me.
IF you buy this, you still won't own a zegna suit. This is a cheap piece of crap made with a zegna brand fabric. But it is not a genuine zegna suit. Avoid.
Your best bet for a good, middle of the road fabric is probably a Vitale Barberis Canonico. I'd go for either their 110s or their 9-11 oz. year round (not sure of the book names for these though). As an alternative to a solid plain weave wool, you might consider a small nailhead or even a subtle glen plaid without an overpane.
I've had some very good recent experience with the Mason Silverline fabrics, actually. Back in the mid-2000s, I ordered a small batch of Silverline from WW Chan and had some hits and misses. But out of 8 Silverline shirts I've ordered from Mytailor over the past few months, I'm happy with pretty much all of them. My one complaint is that a herringbone fabric I got has a bit too much of a sheen for my liking, but that was purely my fault. All the broadcloths (two fine...
I am pretty sure most people wear black shoes exclusively with suits, including navy ones. Also, we hear all the time on this forum that black shoes are a must for occasions like court appearances, semi formal nighttime events, etc. If the rule is no black shoes with navy suits, then a navy suit cannot be worn for these occasions. This proves, to me at least, that the no black with navy rule is absurd.
I have ordered 12 shirts from mytailor over the past four months. I used the online ordering system for measurements. I used my best fitting shirt as the pattern and made a couple of tweaks. The shirt I used was a janten, btw. For the collar, I have used the wide english spread, which really is a nice conservative and sf-approved collar. The normal wide spread wasn't wide enough for my taste. I have used the medium interlining and requested in the comment field that...
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