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Hey guys! Just a quick reminder that we offer FREE SHIPPING in all STEPHAN SCHENIDER ( no limited time! ) plus a discount of 23% Off for every order outside the EU! Have a look at our selection and enjoy! Any question just ask!
Hey guys, There been a misunderstanding, i´m happy to inform that this is our first delivery of Stephan Schneider and that corrispond to half of our selection. This means that we will receive the other half until the end of August so please kindly have a look at our website meanwhile. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you, best regards
Hey guys, STEPHAN SCHNEIDER is now available online, have a look at all our selection HERE! Enjoy! Thank you, best WW Team
Hey guys! STEPHAN SCHNEIDER FW14 Just landed at Wrong Weather! Tomorrow online, don´t miss it!
Hi guys We´ve just shoot this stylepic featuring some items from the SS15 STEPHAN SCHENEIDER collection. Hope you like like it! Check it here!
For this Week End only we are giving a Free Shipping promo! Free Shipping orders above 250€ Half Free Shipping orders below 250€ Use this code WWx9mbDL for orders under 250€. No code required for orders above 250€. This Promo is valid for full price items only! Ends Sunday 5th May at 23.59 GMT Enjoy!
Last drop SS! at WW
Here is the code WWtMZBAQ valid till the 15th.
HI, Just to tell you we received first delivery of SS AW12. Will be up next wednesday latest.
Hi Guys! Would like put it straight regarding some issues about WW Shipping and measures. We have always shipped by FEDEX EXPRESS. The orders should reach to US up to 3 days. It may take longer if you order just before the WE, or during a bank holiday or it got stuck in customs for longer than normal. If it takes longer than 3 days or If you have problems with costumes please let us know and will be happy to help you out at our end. We will re found the shipping cost if...
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