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I would not wear any of the middle row at a conservative firm but would wear all of rows one and three (maybe saving the sailboats and fleur de lis for fridays). Not commenting on style here, just appropriateness.
Same stats exactly and started with a trainer ~4 months ago. Down to 207 with 4 inches gone from the waist. Good luck bro.
Had great transactions recently with: Sartorialism-insisted on paying for the repair of a slight defect (which ended up being repaired for free by my tailor). SimonC-very nice summer suit Chobochobo-two great ties randallr-beautiful shoe horns All responded and shipped quickly. Thanks guys!
Of course. I typically pair it with handmade flippy-floppys.
I was in a similar situation and chose law school. The only other option seemed to be post-grad work in english, which I think I would have enjoyed more, but which for many reasons was not feasible. Things worked out ok, I have a good job, enjoy practicing, etc., and I do think law is a viable path for someone with an english degree. That said, the legal market is rough, and I think the risk of ending up jobless and in great debt validates a decision not to pursue a...
Ordered several as well, including a knit and some cottons.
I like the RLPL slip ons. I don't have any experience with this style of shoe. Any opinions on whether they are suit/office appropriate?
Law school is pretty awful. Like everything else in the law, its a rite of passage to be suffered through because those before you did so.
I have been buying ties from member malfordoflondon. He has marinella and drakes seconds at great prices, although these probably will be well above the quality of ties worn by most young attorneys in your firm. jos a bank, although it gets no love here, has decently priced ties that are appropriate for a law firm. Allen edmonds make good shoes for a reasonable price. Two pairs of plain captoes (5th Avenue?) in black and merlot will be fine for your summer and...
Is this still available? I've got my eye on something in another sale so would be good to know.
New Posts  All Forums: