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Belonging to the pulitzer-prize-winning author of War and Remembrance and the Caine Mutiny? Imagine how nice the one they buried him in must be.
I think you meant "take for the belt $80 will you"
Great scott
How much was this jacket shortened? 28.25" seems pretty short
Congrats! Another possibility may be, if you're in an area with a good tailor, to buy a men's suit with a low buttonning point that fits your shoulders and chest--i.e. that buttons comfortably over your chest--and have the waist taken in. You could easily find a suit you like and have the tailoring done in two months. A traditional single-breasted tuxedo would work well for this, and since men's jacket sizes are based on the size of the chest, you could do a little...
Tipped. Self-tipped iirc
Like it says on the tin. 3.5" wide, 59" long, four-fold. I ordered this SF grail tie made earlier this year. Somehow the colour's not for me. Knotted once, never worn out of the house. Price includes shipping to Canada or the US. Drop to $80
SAB lidover, made for Peal in '98. IDK if it's handstitched; at least the handle is. Knocked-around a little, and with a barely-noticeable monogram, as pictured. I bought this from the 'bay and carried it three times before I lucked into my grail Westminster case--don't need both. Gorgeous patina. Cleaned and treated with SAB leather food when I got it. Note in particular the really cool alphabetized file folders built into the green skiver lining. Note as well the...
damn that grey flannel suit is ridiculous. Maybe if I start eating now I can put on eight sizes by the fall...
Hey guys, have a pair of the above shoes in very good condition, original soles with lots of wear left, just a little creasing on the vamp. Looking to trade for size 10.5 E shoes of comparable quality, or ~38R suits/jackets of comparable quality, or whatever. No $ offers pls. Will be glad to provide photos if anyone wants.
New Posts  All Forums: